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FRANCIS MARION UNIVERSITY Report to the University Faculty I.Financial Review II.Capital Bond Bill Priorities III.Capital Reserve Request IV.Below the.

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1 FRANCIS MARION UNIVERSITY Report to the University Faculty I.Financial Review II.Capital Bond Bill Priorities III.Capital Reserve Request IV.Below the Line General Funds Requests V.Campus Development Office of Business Affairs April 2007 Faculty Presentation April 2007.ppt

2 I. Financial Review

3 REVENUE State Appropriations16,586,166 Student Fee Revenue22,925,053 Other Revenue1,773,356 TOTAL REVENUE$41,284,575 EXPENSE Personnel Costs24,363,608 Student Wages514,632 Employer Contributions6,638,59431,516,834 Other Operating Expense9,767,741 TOTAL EXPENSE$41,284,575 FY 2006-07 General Funds Budget Total Budget

4 FY 2006-07 General Funds State Appropriations $16,586,16640% Student Fees22,925,05356% Other Sources1,773,3564% Total$41,284,575 General Funds Budget General Fund Revenue Budget General Fund Expense Budget Personnel Costs$24,363,60859% Student Wages514,6321% Employer Contributions 6,638,59416% Other Operating Expenses 9,767,74124% Total$41,284,575

5 FY 2006-2007 General Funds Budget Instruction46% Public Service3% Academic Support10% Student Services10% Institutional Support12% Facilities16% Scholarships (Waivers)2% Expense General Fund Expenditure Budget by Program

6 Francis Marion University Comparative History – State Appropriations 2000-012001-022002-032003-042004-052005-062006-07 State Appropriation16,236,12015,685,02314,091,40612,576,81412,635,50013,455,40414,106,988 Change from previous year 264,516(551,097)(1,593,617)(1,514,592)58,686819,904651,584 Dedicated Projects: Nursing Program250,0001,238,031 Small & Minority Business 500,000 Early Childhood Program 585,000 Women & Minorities in Science & Math 100,000 Flow Though Projects: Omega Project75,00068,12256,147 75,00056,147 Francis Marion Trail110,000 Total State Appropriation 16,236,12015,760,02314,159,52812,632,96112,941,64715,378,43516,586,166 Construction Projects: Center for the Child2,000,000 Nursing Building250,0001,500,000 Center for Performing Arts 7,000,000 Revenue

7 FMU General Fund Revenues: 5 Year Summary Revenue History

8 FMU General Fund Expenditures: 5 Year Summary Expenditure History

9 Financial Review: State Appropriations per Fall FTE (Fiscal Year Ended June 30) 2001-022002-032003-042004-052005-06 State Appropriations $15,760,023$14,159,528$12,632,961$12,941,647$15,378,435 Fall FTE2,8502,9673,0733,1363,323 State Appropriations/Fall FTE$5,530$4,772$4,111$4,127$4,628 State Appropriations/Fall FTE

10 2006-07 Comparison of Undergraduate Student Fees Full-Time In-State Undergraduate Student Fees (Per Semester) In-State UG Per Semester Difference from FMU Per Semester Increase Francis Marion University$3,256264 USC-Aiken3,33579271 Lander3,581325247 The Citadel3,584328323 College of Charleston3,617361283 SC State3,639383399 USC-Upstate3,712456394 Coastal Carolina University3,750494320 USC-Columbia3,904648247 Clemson4,7001,444257 Winthrop4,7501,494372 Average3,803547307 USC-Beaufort2,862(394)255 Note: USC Beaufort was approved to move from two-year to four-year status in June 2002. Source: SC Commission on Higher Education website, December 2006 Student Fees

11 II. Capital Bond Bill Priorities

12 Capital Bond Bill Priority 1 School of Education/School of Business Building 1) Description of Request: Construction - Build an approximately 61,000 square foot facility. Description - Provide 13 classrooms, 1 distance learning classroom, 4 computer labs, 1 open computer laboratory, 4 project rooms, a teaching materials center, 50 faculty offices, 2 deans offices and various support staff facilities. Funding Request - Request includes one-time funding of $15,250,000 for construction, start-up equipment and furnishings. Prior Funding - $750,000 provided in fiscal year 2000 for architectural and engineering design. 2) Justification: Promote the School of Education and School of Business Programs - Provide two of FMUs largest undergraduate and graduate degree programs, the School of Education and the School of Business, a building designed for and dedicated to the promotion of their respective programs. Enhance Instruction through Latest Technology - Facilitate instructional delivery through the use of latest technological media.

13 Capital Bond Bill Priority 2 Founders Hall Renovation 1) Description of Request: Renovation - Renovate the 76,366 square foot Founders Hall, the Universitys oldest classroom building, which covers two floors and houses 26 classrooms and labs and 99 offices. Facility Renewal - Address items of facility renewal such as replacement of the HVAC and lighting systems for improved energy efficiency, replacement of carpeting, ceilings, interior finishes, door locks, and classroom seating. Funding Request - Request includes one-time funding of $6,000,000 for renovation of facility. 2) Justification: Provide for Renovation of an Extensively Used Facility - As the first of the Universitys classroom and faculty office buildings (constructed in 1974), the facility has been extensively used. Promote Recurring Cost Savings - Effect recurring cost savings to the University through replacement of energy-inefficient HVAC and lighting systems and subsequent decreases in preventative maintenance and deferred maintenance costs.

14 III. FY 2007-08 Capital Reserve Request

15 Capital Reserve Funding Request Center for the Performing Arts Description Construction of the facility will total $21,000,000 and includes $7,000,000 in state appropriated funds previously awarded for construction of the facility, $1,000,000 from the City of Florences state appropriation for its downtown redevelopment project, and a gift of $10,000,000 from the Drs. Bruce and Lee Foundation. The facility will consist of a multipurpose theater that will accommodate 750, a 100-seat black box or experimental theater, several classrooms and offices. The facility will provide instructional and performance space for the theater and music programs of the Universitys Fine Arts Department and provide performance venues to benefit the University community, the City of Florence, and the surrounding Pee Dee area. The City of Florence plans on using this facility as a focal point for their downtown redevelopment initiative. Request - Francis Marion University is requesting $3,000,000 in capital reserve funding for a new 52,000 square foot facility in downtown Florence. The new facility will be constructed through a partnership between FMU and the City of Florence, and partially funded though a substantial private gift from the Bruce and Lee Foundation.

16 Capital Reserve Funding Request Deferred Maintenance Description - FMU is in its 37 th year and many of the academic facilities are reaching a critical stage relative to addressing the progressive, cyclical, and predictable deterioration of the buildings. During 2005, the University defined approximately $3.5 million in deferred maintenance needs within physical structures and an additional $3.7 million outside buildings. Critical needs include mold and mildew abatement in academic buildings and repairs to storm-water collection and sanitary sewer system replacement & repair. Smith University Center - Significant deferred maintenance need exists for repairs to the 8,000 sq. ft. indoor pool and the facility which houses it. Repairs extend to the pool itself, the surrounding walls and ceilings, access doors, and decks. A critical issue is the need to repair and replace corroded air handlers and piping which have caused air quality to drop below acceptable standards. This project is estimated to be $600,000. In a time of reduced state appropriated funding, the postponement of deferred maintenance will only result in higher costs for remedying these situations as conditions worsen over time. Request - Francis Marion University is requesting $1,000,000 in capital reserve funding to address ever increasing deferred maintenance needs, primarily in the Universitys academic and instructional facilities.

17 III. Financial Overview of Auxiliaries IV. FY 2007-08 Below the Line General Funds Requests

18 Below the Line Request Rural Assistance Initiative Description - The Pee Dee region of South Carolina is a primarily rural area of the state characterized by relatively high unemployment and poverty rates. This region needs a program of expert technical assistance that will increase local capacity to undertake rural development projects in various areas, including housing, community facilities, health care, and economic innovation. FMU faculty from several different departments and schoolsBusiness, Nursing, Sociology, Psychology, and Political Sciencewill work with rural communities to assess their health and human services and infrastructure needs and to develop strategies to address those needs. The University will offer technical assistance to rural communities in the Pee Dee region. This assistance will promote rural development and help individuals, businesses, and local communities participate in the global economy. Request - Francis Marion University is requesting $600,000 for an interdisciplinary program to assist rural development in the Pee Dee region of South Carolina.

19 Below the Line Request Teacher Education Initiative Description - In order to enhance the performance of teachers who are already in the classroom, this initiative will provide high quality professional development activities. This program will be focused on closing the educational gap through improving the quality of K- 12 education in the Pee Dee Region. The proposed Teacher Education Initiative would be structured to improve the quality of K- 12 education in the Pee Dee and enhance the ability of pre-service and in-service teachers to work with parents, local school districts, health and human service providers, and the business community to meet the special needs of children living in under funded school districts in the Pee Dee region. In particular, the proposed program is intended to help close the gap between the K-12 educational system and what students need to know and do in order to succeed in post- secondary education. Request - The Francis Marion University School of Education is concentrating on improving the quality of undergraduate and graduate teacher education and preparation in the Pee Dee region of South Carolina. Francis Marion University requests $500,000 for a program to strengthen pre-service teacher education programs in order to attract highly qualified applicants and enable graduates to perform at a very high level in the classroom.

20 Below the Line Request Accreditation Support and Program Enhancement Request - All academic programs at the university that have external accrediting bodies are currently accredited with the exception of Computer Science. Francis Marion University requests $850,000 for funding that will strengthen and extend academic programs and their accreditation. Description Requested funding will be used to provide academic program support and to enhance accreditation efforts in the following areas: All Academic Programs - Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education - National Council for Accred. of Teacher Educ. (NCATE) Business - Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business-International (AACSB) Visual Arts and Art Education - National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) Theatre Arts - National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST) Graduate Program in Psychology - Master's in Psychology Accreditation Council (MPAC) Graduate Program in School Psychology - National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) Chemistry - American Chemical Society (ACS) Computer Science Requested funds would allow the university to bring the Computer Science program to the level needed for external accreditation. Other academic programs, such as Accounting, Physics and Astronomy, Visual and Graphic Arts, Psychology, Chemistry, and Education, would benefit from additional resources in order to satisfy the expectations of professional organizations and external accrediting bodies. Funding also needed for activities linked to the SACS reaccreditation effort, including the Quality Enhancement Plan required by SACS that will be a top institutional priority in 2007-08.

21 III. Financial Overview of Auxiliaries V. Campus Development

22 Current Campus Projects Construction of Phase II of the Forest Villas Apartments 190 beds (including some improvements to existing housing) $9.2 million Construction of the Gail and Terry Richardson Center for the Child Estimated 16,200 sq. feet $3,000,000 Under Construction In Planning Phase

23 Construction of the Forest Villas Apartments - Phase II Phase I: Provided 237 beds that were occupied in August 2004. Phase II: Currently constructing approximately 190 additional beds for August 2007 opening.

24 Construction of the Gail and Terry Richardson Center for the Child Conceptual Rendering Description - Construct an estimated 16,200 square foot building to provide space for instruction, daycare, and administration needs, including classrooms, assessment rooms, videoconferencing room, observation areas, a food preparation area, offices and other support facilities. Funding - During FY05-06, the University was appropriated $2,000,000 for construction of the facility. Rendering - Front View Pee Dee Education Center Gail and Terry Richardson Center for the Child

25 Construction of the Gail and Terry Richardson Center for the Child Conceptual Rendering Provide a Student Learning Laboratory - Provide a learning laboratory to support practical applications for students in the Psychology and Education curricula in working with children attendees. Serve as a Community Resource - Serve as a resource for the surrounding community by: Providing critically needed assessment and intervention services for at-risk children and families through a child development and evaluation clinic, Providing state of the art day-care for children of employees, students, and other community members through a child study lab, Seeking to develop and disseminate best practices in early childhood education and provide technical assistance to the States early childhood programs. Rendering - Rear View

26 McNair Science Building Auditorium Renovation McNair Science Building Auditorium: constructed in 1972 is a multi-functional facility serving Academia, Fine Arts, and the local Community design of the facility allows for two classrooms and an auditorium. folding wall partitions between the classrooms and the auditorium can be opened to support events with total seating capacity of 438. Purpose: To provide a major renovation to the MSB Auditorium (room 12 and classrooms/wings 11 and 13). Time Frame: Scheduled for May, June 2007 Renovation Plans: New, modern seating New interior design with laminated panels, and trim New carpeting New lighting design New audio/visual equipment utilizing current technology DVD/VCR combination unit, stereo, speakers with surround sound, and wireless microphone system.

27 Smith University Center Pool Renovation Smith University Center Pool: constructed in 1974 is a 25 meter pool with a 3 meter diving board and 8 swimming lanes. Purpose: To renovate the UC pool within the budget constraints provided. Time Frame: Already working with an A/E firm to do the design work. Scheduled to have the design go out for bids in June. Scheduled to close the pool for the Fall 2007 semester with demolition/construction starting in early August 2007.

28 Smith University Center Pool Renovation Budgeted Cost: Budgeted at $967,000. Break-out below does not include contingency and design amounts. ActivityDescriptionEstimated Cost HVAC UnitReplace with humidity control unit and duct-sock$225,000 Room CeilingRemove suspended ceiling$65,000 Roof SupportStructural beams and bar joists need sandblasting and refinishing due to significant corrosion $150,000 Angle BracingReplace damaged angle bracing in ceiling$12,500 InspectionHave engineer inspect all sandblasting$40,000 LightingRoom lighting units are severely corroded and need repair or replacing; pool lighting is inoperative $120,000 Doors & WindowsReplace existing storefront window and door frame assemblies with new structures including transoms. $125,000 Pool SurfaceBlast off existing gunnite, repair cracks and holes, apply new surface material $75,000 Special Equipment Replacement/Repair Metal refinishing; balcony rails$12,500

29 Founders Hall/CEMC Renovation Founders Hall occupied in 1974 houses offices and classrooms for several academic programs. Cauthen Educational Media Center occupied in 1977 contains the Media Center provides classroom and office space for academic programs houses the Dooley planetarium, the Lowrimore Auditorium, and the Jackson Innovation Place. Founders Hall Future Renovation: The Universitys Comprehensive Permanent Improvement Plan (CPIP) has Founders Hall Renovation scheduled for 2009-10 pending funding. Purpose: A project list is being developed for small cosmetic renovations this summer. Time Frame: Scheduled for Summer 2007. Proposed Renovations: Renovate Bathrooms Replace Carpet Replace Ceiling Tiles Paint Interior Replace Some Furniture Clean/Pressure Wash Building Exterior Paint Building Exterior Repair Exterior Entrance Steps

30 Drs. Bruce & Lee Library IRBY STREET First Baptist DARGAN STREET CHEVES STREETPALMETTO STREET Proposed Location Poynor School Description: Constuct an estimated 52,000 square foot facility at the corner of Dargan and Palmetto streets in downtown Florence through a partnership between FMU and the City of Florence, and partially funded through a substantial private gift from the Drs. Bruce & Lee Foundation. Specifics - The facility is planned to consist of a multipurpose theater to accommodate 750, a 100-seat black box or experimental theater, several classrooms and offices. Estimated Cost - approximately $21 million: $10 million gift from the Bruce and Lee Foundation over 5 years. $1 million in downtown redevelopment funds. $7 million in 2006-07 state appropriation. $3 million of additional state funds being sought through a Capital Reserve Request. Justification: Provide cultural enhancement opportunities for the Pee Dee Region. Provide instructional and performance space for FMU theater and music programs. Serve as a focal point for the City of Florence downtown redevelopment initiative. 2008 Projected Campus Project: Construction of The Center for the Performing Arts

31 INTRAMURAL FIELD CONCESSIONS & PRESS BOX Development of an Outdoor Athletic Complex Acquired Land (west of Highway 327) Conceptual Rendering Only

32 Major Projects Recently Completed 2000 Smith University Center Commons Renovation$60,000 2000-01 Smith University Gymnasium Renovation$175,000 2003 Ervin Dining Hall Laundry Room - Renovated & Reequipped$8,000 The Lowrimore Auditorium Renovation$450,000 The John Kassab Tennis Courts Renovation$265,000 The BB&T/Amelia Wallace Faculty/Alumni Cottage Construction $650,000 2003-04 Mall Fountain Construction and Landscaping$98,000 2004 James E. Dooley Planetarium Equipment Upgrade$235,000 Install Sound System in University Center Gymnasium$83,000 Install Sound System in Fine Arts Center Theatre$35,000 Install Sound and Video System in Univ. Center Commons$30,000 2004-06 The Village Apartments - Furniture/Appliance Replacement$1,096,000 2005-06 Hanson Park$15,000 The Dr. Frank B. Lee Nursing Building Construction$8,000,000 The Grille Construction$1,550,000

33 Proposed Major Projects Projected Cost 2006 FMU Real Estate Foundation purchase from FMU Foundation approximately 95 acres from previous land acquisition. $730,000 2006-07 Construction of Forest Villas Apartments - Phase II (including some improvements to existing housing) $9,200,000 Construction of the Gail & Terry Richardson Center for the Child $3,000,000 2007-08 Construction of the Center for the Performing Arts$21,000,000 TBD Construction of School of Education/School of Business Building $16,000,000 TBD Renovation of Founders Hall$6,000,000 TBD Development of an Outdoor Athletic ComplexTBD 2000-2010 Major Projects and Acquisition - Total Cost Approximation $80,000,000 FMU Foundation - Land Acquisition 2005 FMU Foundation obtained 109.24 acres across the highway from the FMU campus (west of Highway 327). $1,300,000 FMU Real Estate Foundation 2004 The Forest Villas Apartments (Phase I) & Forest Villas Community Center Construction $9,900,000

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