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© 2009 Creativity in television across the Nordic region The WIT / November 2009.

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1 © 2009 Creativity in television across the Nordic region The WIT / November 2009

2 © 2009 For most people outside Nordic regions, whats Nordic TV ? Oh, its where the whole reality TV story began with Expedition Robinson back in 1997 when Strix and SVT produced this British paper format called Survivor in Sweden ! Then : 1998: Denmark 1999: Norway 2000: USA And the rest of the world, with Finland in 2004.

3 © 2009 Why did reality TV start here ? As a low cost tv, it was adapted to the Nordic markets with small budgets. It meant that Nordic broadcasters and producers were: Open to new contents and ready to take risks with bold ideas Able to export their know how Perceived as valuable test markets

4 © 2009 In 2009, the Nordic countries are still the Eldorado of Robinson: Nordic region is the place where Robinson is the most successful, the most eventful.

5 © 2009 What are the other typically Nordic TV shows that can show a Nordic TV personality or establish a difference? Which international shows are more successful in Nordic countries than in the rest of the world?

6 © 2009 Singing Singing: Eurovision song contest: over 70% share for the final in Sweden, Denmark, Norway. Melodifestivalen and Melodi Grand Prix are also perceived as typical Nordic TV events seldom imitated elsewhere. The Irish format The Lyrics Board is nowhere as successful as in Nordic Countries: Beat for Beat on NRK in Norway, and long running careers in Sweden. Doobidoo created by SVT, exported to Poland. Sing A long created in Sweden in 2006, exported to Poland, maybe a precursor of the international trend for Karaoke shows (The Singing Bee).

7 © 2009 Dating Dating: The Nordic Market is among the pioneering and most successful markets for The Farmer wants a wife (a British format that never made it in the UK): created in 1999 in the UK, adopted by Norway in 2004, (second after Belgium) Recently TV2 in Denmark was the first market to commission a dating show created by FremantleMedia in France Take me out then it spread in Australia, Spain, Japan…

8 © 2009 News-themed comedy games News-themed comedy games: Nytt pa Nytt (Have I got news for you): spectacular success in Norway, the biggest market in the world for this format. Also adapted in Sweden on SVT1, in Finland on TV1 with long-running careers, and in Denmark on TV2. If I ruled the world (British format) found in the Nordic Countries its best market in the world: Parlamentet in TV4 Sweden, Denmark on TV3… and Norway on NRK1.

9 © 2009 Obviously Typically Nordic Obviously Typically Nordic: The adventure show 71°Nord from TV Norge in Norway exported to a few countries, including the USA… But never as successful as in Norway where its still on air after 10 years. Maybe typically Norwegian? (it was not such a success in Denmark or Sweden...)

10 © 2009 Typically Nordic: The Nordic Factor A region where huge TV hits can still be found. Nordic markets follow the worldwide phenomenon of audience fragmentation with leading broadcasters between a 20% and a 30% share. However, some shows can pull spectacular market shares that cant be found anywhere else any longer : between a 40% and a 60% share, for typical Nordic shows: Pa Sparet in Sweden Doobidoo in Sweden Forbrydelsen II in Denmark Beat for Beat in Norway

11 © 2009 The Nordic Flavor of the Year Over the recent years, Nordic content and production abilities showed a high value appeal: Zodiak was acquired by De Agostini (Italy) in 2008 and structured in an international production group in 2009. Metronome was acquired by Shine (UK) Nordisk was acquired by Banijay (France)

12 © 2009 Typically Nordic: Nordic programming schedules More imports More Factual Less Scripted

13 © 2009 More Imports: Nordic channels air more acquired fiction and reality shows in primetime: Nordic PSBs : 20% of their primetime grids v. less than 10% on BBC One (UK) and Ned 1 (NL) Commercial channels: TV Norge, TV3 Dk, TV3Se and MTV3 Finland have imported more than 50% of their fall 2009 grids.

14 © 2009 More Imports: Local productions of imported formats : Around 15% to 20% of the Nordic primetime programming consists of imported formats With differences between PSBs and commercial channels: TV4 Sweden, TV3 Denmark or TV2 Norway are the biggest importers (around 33% of the primetime grid). The Finnish YLE imports only 5% of formats, being still at a higher level than BBC One in the UK or France 2 in France, (importing this fall approx. 0% of their primetime grid). Some Nordic PSBs dont hesitate to air shows originating from commercial channels in the rest of the world: Got Talent on DR1 or Ticket to the Tribes on SVT1.

15 © 2009 More Factual/Less local fiction shows: On the Nordic PSBs: 30% more factual programming (documentaries, magazines) than on France 2 (France) or Ned 1 (NL) The Nordic commercial channels would concentrate on factual entertainment, in the BBC One genre. And this factual programming includes imported factual shows (from other Nordic countries, the UK or the USA) This leaves less space for local fiction whereas most leading channels around the world would offer approx. 3 nights of local fiction per week.

16 © 2009 Local fiction: However, Nordic fiction can be considered as a whole thanks to the exchanges between Nordic countries : SVT1 airs Swedish, Norwegian and Danish fictions in primetime: The Protectors (DR), Himmelbla (NRK) NRK1: Livet I Fagervik (Sweden) or Forbrydelsen (Denmark) But the main difference lies in the absence of the daily soap in daytime or access primetime. The only one is Hotel Caesar, on TV2, Norway. Long running daily soaps are sometimes replaced by docu- soaps: Hospital in Denmark, Norway and Sweden on TV3.

17 © 2009 Nordic fiction to the world: the German connection Wallander: exported to Germany, adapted in the UK Irene Huss: aired in Germany (Psb ARD) Anna Pihl: Germany (Psb ZDF) The Protectors: Germany (Psb ZDF) Happiness 2009: project in Belgium

18 © 2009 The Nordic signature to the world: Adventure/Reality shows After Expedition Robinson, Strix gave other shows to the world: The Farm, The Bar, Harem…

19 © 2009 The Nordic signature to the world Most exported formats come from commercial channels. They often build a multi track record through a network of producers or broadcasters, before moving to the rest of the world : Pan Scandinavian shows: Hitmakers (TV Norge, Kanal 5 Se) Nordic networks (Viasat): The Luxury Trap (TV3 Dk, Se, No); The Hospital (TV3 Dk, Se, No); Elixir, from Finland MTV3 to Sweden TV4 to Norway NRK1 Single Moms, (Swedish idea from Friday TV): from Finland Nelonen to Sweden TV3, Norway TV3, Denmark TV3 to the rest of the world (USA, France…) Whats next ?

20 © 2009 A pick of the most innovative and successful Nordic formats launched/adapted in 2009

21 © 2009 CLASS OF 07 (Sweden) A graduating high-school class is transformed from being the worst-performing class in the nation to becoming the best in just one semester. Launched on 12 February 2008 on SVT1 Adaptations: 2009: Germany (SAT.1) Later: Norway (NRK1); Finland (YLE TV2); Belgium (Eén) Distribution : Strix

22 CLASS OF 07 (Sweden)

23 © 2009 MY BIG FAT PARENTS (DK) Children sign their overweight parents up for a program against excess kilos. Five pairs of parents compete. The winners will put money into their childrens savings accounts – the equivalent of the kilos lost. Launched in Denmark on TV3 on 9 September 2009 Optionned in 15 territories. Distribution : Nordisk Film (Banijay)


25 © 2009 CONSTRUCTION NIGHTMARES (Denmark) Makeover show that rescues people that have had bad experiences in their homes with lazy and incompetent builders. Launched in Denmark on TV2 in November 2008 Adaptations: 2009: Norway (TV3); Sweden Distribution : Nordisk Film (Banijay)


27 © 2009 THE HAPPINESS PROJECT (Finland) 5 people with different pasts, all unsatisfied with their lives, try to be happier by using different methods with the help of two coaches. At the beginning of the show, they take a happiness test. 6 months later, they retake the test. Are they happier ? Launched on YLE TV1 on 10 September 2009 Options : Netherlands Distribution : Storyhouse


29 © 2009 CLASH OF THE CHOIRS (Swedish concept) Celebrity singers as they search in their home town for the talent needed to assemble the countrys best choir. Viewers vote for the best. Launched in December 2007 on NBC in the USA Adaptations: 2008: Sweden (TV4); Denmark (TV2) 2009: Spain (Cuatro); Finland (Nelonen); Norway (TV2); Chile (TVN) Distributor : Friday TV (Metronome / Shine Group)


31 © 2009 PERFECT TEN (Swedish concept : Take the Money and run) A contestant is challenged to complete 10 tasks for a cash prize, while risk assessors offer them walk-away cash if they look like they might win the grand prize. In development for NBC in the USA. Distributor : Friday TV (Metronome / Shine Group)

32 © 2009 BIG IN JAPAN (Danish concept) Westerners compete in Japanese game shows, while living together in a Tokyo apartment and learning about Japanese culture. Launched in the USA on ABC on 24 June 2008 Adaptations: 2009: Grece (Alpha); Norway (TV3); Sweden (TV4) Later: Italy (Italia Uno); Spain (La Sexta) Distribution : Small World IFT / A Babyfoot concept

33 BIG IN JAPAN (Denmark)

34 © 2009 TWIST AND SHOUT (Swedish concept) Contestants have to sing their best for 2 minutes without stopping - in extreme conditions. 8 different acts (with specific profiles) go head to head in 4 duels. A jury and the studio audience vote for the winner. Adaptations: 2009 : India, Indonesia, The Philippines, Australia, France, Romania, Germany… Distribution : Zodiak Entertainment

35 TWIST & SHOUT (Sweden)

36 © 2009 CULTURE SHOCK (Norway) 10 Americans of Norwegian origin are dropped into Norway to complete a series of extreme cultural challenges to find out how Norwegian they are. Contestants are eliminated one by one. Vignettes, both historical and modern, establish the connection between Norway and America, and the contestants ancestry. The winner gets a cash prize and is entitled to a family reunion with their long-lost relatives in Norway. Will launch on TV Norge in March 2010 Distribution : SevenOne International


38 © 2009 Research on creativity in television across the Nordic region The WIT / November 2009

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