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Global News Media Corporations

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1 Global News Media Corporations

2 English Subject Curriculum
Culture, society and literature The aims of the studies are to enable pupils to analyse and assess the role of some English-language media in international society

3 Global Media Corporations
A business that might own and run worldwide TV and radio channels and stations websites film companies global and local newspapers, magazines and publishing houses Time Warner Inc. – one of the largest media corporations in the world Owns CNN

4 BBC The British Broadcasting Corporation
Free from advertising and commercial interests Financed by televison license fees paid by British viewers + the sale of high quality programs abroad BBC World News radio broadcasts in over 30 languages BBC independent of the British government BBC considered to maintain a high standard of journalism Known to be reliable and objective

5 CNN The Cable News Network
Owned by Time Warner Inc. CNN broadcasts to 150 countries from five international offices Famous for being first on the scene of world news CNN was the only network with the technology to broadcast worldwide 24 hours a day during the Gulf War in1991 The Gulf War changed news reporting from dry facts to high drama – other news networks followed suit Has been accused of presenting a pro-American world view However, CNN uses mainly local news reporters in many areas of the world

6 Al Jazeera The first non-English global news network
Began as a website Based in the Middle East Broadcasts are in Arabic Al Jazeera English launched in 2006 offices in UK, US and Middle East Has local reporters in many countries Has journalists from the BBC and CNN on the staff Presents news stories from all over the world

7 France 24 A French-language global news channel
Reporting news 24 hours a day Began as a website Plans to broadcast in Arabic and Spanish in a few years

8 New Global Media New Perspectives on the World?
Do the rise of new global news corporations like Al Jazeera and France 24 represent a move away from Anglo-American dominated global news reporting? Despite the fact that CNN, BCC, Al Jazeera, and France 24 employ local reporters in many countries – their news coverage, news items and headlines and formats are quite similar – almost identical It seems as if they are bent on copying each other in the competition for an English language global news audience However, will they in time part ways and develop their own individual style, and cater more to the specific interests of different population groups? Or will they, in their competition, for viewers try to appeal to everyone and become even more alike?

9 By Nina Sandström Angelsen
Selbu videregående skole

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