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Barents 2010 Final Conference 21 February, 2006 Tourism sector programme Heleena Luusua NordicMarketing GmbH Germany.

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1 Barents 2010 Final Conference 21 February, 2006 Tourism sector programme Heleena Luusua NordicMarketing GmbH Germany

2 Marketing & sales Tour operators Training/Product Development E-marketing Cross-marketing Frankfurt Cooperation partner for tourism businesses in the European market NordicMarketing GmbH

3 For Lapin Liitto/Barents 2010 Time for planning 4 months Deadline 15.3.2006 We have collected opinions of: Tour operators in Germany, Benelux, GB Companies and marketing organisations in Barents region Tourism Sector Programme

4 Arctic Europe

5 Tourism destinations with more than 10,000 visitors.

6 Germany, Switzerland, France, Benelux, Great-Britain 240 million inhabitants 150 million trips to abroad, longer than 5 days Alone in Germany: 2 500 tour operators 25 000 travel agencies Less than 0,5 % come to Finland 2 % to Scandinavia To Murmansk area? European markets

7 When everything else has been seen... Trend: Snow, ice, cold Extreme elements, arctic nature Nature safaris TV-programmes about arctic Growing interest towards north and arctic

8 Tour operators look for new destinations and themes ARCTIC EUROPE

9 TOUR OPERATORS: Attractive, exciting Interesting, positive Even luxury But: Unfamiliar Lack of information Difficult to reach. Flights. Price. We have to do something! Arctic Europe – image

10 Tomorrow Arctic Trail Northernmost Europe Nordic Walking Lapland Sea Cruising Solovetsk? Submarine? King crab? Karelian villages? Today North Cape Arctic Ocean /Hurtigruten Lapland Ice Hotel Ice Iglu Ice Breaker Nature safaris, huskies, snowmobiles, reindeer Arctic highlights

11 Common Highlights over the Arctic Circle Four counties – one theme One Destination from the market view we have to do something! ARCTIC EUROPE

12 Collision of interests: State borders Transport companies territories National tourist boards Unnecessary competition between companies Collaboration challenges


14 Target groups: AD: adventurous pioneers NA: Nature-oriented active travellers PRODUCT FAMILY ARCTIC ICE Ice hotels, ice breakers ARCTIC SEA/CRUISES Hurtigruten Riverboats Submarine King crab ARCTIC CULTURE Solovetsk the new North Cape Sami culture Karelian villages,fishing villages,reindeer farms ARCTIC NATURE Nature adventures Fishing, hunting Mountain biking Hiking, Nordic walking Reindeer, huskies ARCTIC ROAD Fly & Drive Fly & Bus ARCTIC TRAIL Snowmobiling ARCTIC TRAIL KESÄ Off road, Quad bikes ARCTIC RAILWAY Rail packages ARCTIC FLIGHTS Speacial & Charter flights

15 Pioneers that have seen everything but still have hunger for new experiences Person that travels a lot, is wealthy, active, has a taste for adventure, likes nature Germany, France, Benelux, GB ARCTIC EUROPE –target groups?

16 Common will ! 600 000 /year -> 60 % EU /40% privat -> 240 000/regions 60 000 Norway 60 000 Sweden 60 000 Finland 60 000 Russian What is needed?

17 6. Product in the market 2006 2006-07 2007 2005 2. Arctic Europe product manual 8. Press Information e-marketing Arctic Europe Marketing

18 TRAINING int. marketing Travel Agents - service - sales DEVELOPMENT - products - infra - charter MARKETiNG, SALES - press, TV - partners on the markets Sales calls fam trips - e-marketing RESEARCH - market research - nature and culture company/product analysis - innovations Public sector Private sector ARCTIC EUROPE

19 Training : International marketing cultures, services sales channels, sales Product development Intern marketing Other actions to be needed

20 Inrastructure: Flights East-west connections Activity routes Other actions to be needed

21 2005Phase 1: 2006-2007 Market research, example products Meetings Workshops ITB Berlin Launching products and concept, first marketing and sales Phase 2: 2008-2013 200520062007200820092010 Aims: stabilize the Arctic Europe products in the markets and a great increase in the sales Financing Organisation Schedule

22 There is a big interest: Companies and organisations in Finish and Swedish Lapland wait for exact offer Norwegian counties want to be partners Tour Operators wait for practical operations ARCTIC EUROPE plan today

23 Everyone want everything do we have enough courage to focus on business ? Timetable for decision making -> annual business rotation Organisation/ administration Professional key operator for practice Flights Collaboration risks

24 Seminar in Murmansk 28.2. Meeting Norwegian Partners ITB Berlin 8.-10.3.meeting tour operators 15.3. the report is ready April: Decision making April- Sept: Organisation/Financing 2006-07 Arctic Europe in action: products, sales calls, fam trips... Next steps



27 Are the tourism services of following areas familiar to you?

28 When you hear the term Arctic Europe what comes to mind?

29 Are these Arctic Europe themes interesting?


31 How do you feel about the example Arctic Europe products?

32 What do you see as biggest obstacles in the arctic tourism?

33 8. Do you think the name Arctic Europe is/has?

34 Would you like to co-operate with Arctic Europe–project marketing?

35 If you are interested in marketing co- operation with the Arctic Europe project, what kind of measures do you need?

36 Do you think the interest toward Arctic regions will increase among travellers in the future?

37 Is Arctic Europe going to be in your selection in the future?


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