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St. Clair College of Applied Arts & Technology. St. Clair College Windsor, CANADA More than a winter wonderland.

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1 St. Clair College of Applied Arts & Technology

2 St. Clair College Windsor, CANADA More than a winter wonderland

3 Presentation Outline Windsor – Automotive Capital of Canada St. Clair – New facilities, new programs St. Clair – An international college St. Clair – ESL Programs St. Clair – Career Programs St. Clair – Application Process

4 Welcome to St. Clair College Founded in 1967fastest growing college with 8,400 full time students Canada's Southernmost college with over 90 diploma, certificate, and specialized industry-focused programs to choose from Transfer agreements with more than 20 universities Located in the safe & clean city of Windsor, Ontario

5 Windsor – Automotive Capital of CANADA

6 Benefits of Windsor, Canada Distinct multicultural community Safe, inexpensive & friendly community Surrounded by beautiful lakes, rivers and waterfront landscapes Within a short drive to cities such as Detroit, London, Toronto & Niagara Falls Temperate climate

7 Different Seasons in Canada Canada is a country that experiences 4 distinctively beautiful seasons. Your arrival for the January start date will bring you into Canadas Winter season, May ~ Spring / Summer season, and September ~ Fall season.

8 Benefits of Windsor, Canada Cost of Living Windsor Accommodations - Self $650 two bedroom apt. Accommodations - Home stay $750 – meals, own room Accommodations - Residence $600 – room (including internet) City Transportation $60 per month Nice Dinner Out $15 Cost of Living Toronto or Vancouver $1550 one bedroom apt. $99 per month $35

9 Entertainment & Nightlife

10 Sporting Events

11 Arts & Culture

12 Festivals & Events

13 Weekend Trip: Niagara Falls

14 Niagara Falls - May 2009 - ESL Students

15 Weekend Trip: Toronto

16 Student Life

17 Student Success Computer labs Counselling Peer Tutoring Health Clinic Employment Services Computer labs Counselling Peer Tutoring Health Clinic Employment Services

18 Centre For The Arts – Downtown Campus Investing In Your Future

19 NEW Applied Health Science Centre - Windsor Campus $32 million Investing In Your Future

20 Media Plex – Windsor Campus $7 million Investing In Your Future

21 Health Plex – Windsor Main Campus $32 million Investing In Your Future

22 Ford Centre for Excellence in Manufacturing $42 million Investing In Your Future

23 Centre for Construction Innovation & Production $4 million Investing In Your Future

24 TOEFL iBT 61, IELTS 5.5, Adm. test High school, vocational school, college, university students ESL program 4 – 12 months Career diploma program (2 – 3 years) Bachelor degree at university (2 -3 years) Work 1 – 3 years Master degree program at university Immigrant to Canada Pathway to success General Arts & Science 1 – 2 semesters

25 Admission Criteria ESL 19 years old or graduated from a high school or equivalent Career diploma programs English proficiency: TOEFL iBT 61 or IELTS 5.5 or passing admission test on English (on campus) High School (or equivalent) diploma Grade 12 transcript with acceptable grades.

26 ESL Program ESL program in Canada Winter: January - April (15 weeks) Spring / Summer: May – August (14 weeks) Fall: September – December (15 weeks) All ESL teachers are university graduates with relevant experience for many years. Students who achieve sufficient English skills may progress to a career program after successfully passing TOEFL, IELTS or Admission Test. Tuition Fees: $5340 CDN first term ( health insurance included ) $5140 CDN second term ( health insurance included ) $4960 CDN third term ( health insurance included )

27 Career Programs At St Clair College we have 90+ different career programs to chose from. Some favorite programs by international students are: Computer System Technician / Technology ~ 3 year diploma Mechanical Engineering Technology – Mechatronics ~ 3 year diploma Graphic Design ~ 3 year diploma Business Administration Programs – Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, International Business, Marketing, Golf Management ~ 2-3 year diplomas Hospitality Management – Hotel and Restaurant ~ 2 year diploma

28 Work Permits Work on campus You can on campus with a valid Study Permit. No Work Permit is required. Work Off Campus You can apply for Off Campus Work Permit once you have completed 6 months full time studies in a career program and gain satisfied grade (C in average) This Work Permit allows you to work part time (up to 20 hours per week) during regular school semesters and full time (up to 40 hours per week) during summer break. Fees: study permit $125 work permit $150 (aprox. 2,847,450.36 VND)

29 Post Graduation Work Permit If you studied for…. Then…. Less than eight months… Less than two years but more than eight months… Two years or more… You are not eligible for this program You may get a work permit for a period no longer than the length of time you studied (for example, if you studied for nine months, a work permit may be issued for a period of nine months) A work permit may be issued for three years

30 Permanent Residency After 1 year of full time work you can apply for permanent residency under the Canada Experience Class. More information can be found at: immigrate/cec/apply- who.asp

31 Application Process Fill out the application form For the ESL program Send the complete application kit Application form, and CAD $125 (aprox. 2,372,116.19 VND) application fee to International Development Office by fax at 519-972-2707 or by email. Note: For CAREER PROGRAMS please send the application form, $125 CAD application fee, additionally: your high school transcript, a copy of your diploma and English scores from TOEFL (61) or IELTS (6.0). We will issue the Letter of Acceptance (LOA) to you by express mail service within 5 days of applying. You pay the Confirmation fee as indicated on your LOA. Please send back the Notice of Payment to us. We will send the receipt to you.

32 Application Process cont You apply for your Canadian visa by submitting our documents and other required documents. Please visit this page for visa information: If you get your visa, please send the Notice of Arrival to us, so we can arrange a pick up from the airport. Please come to International Education Office at Room 220 when you arrive at college.



35 International Scholarships For those student who study a career program, St Clair College does offer 3 International Student Scholarships that you can apply for. 1. Universal Entrance Scholarship 2. Campus Care Scholarship 3. Student Representative Council – International Student Scholarship


37 St. Clair A Global College


39 Thank you for your attention

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