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Gateway2uk Education 1-Sycamore Avenue, London W5 4LH.

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2 Gateway2uk Education 1-Sycamore Avenue, London W5 4LH

3 Now expanding globally. Distance learning courses available world wide. in Partnership with GATEWAY FOR BETTER EDUCATION

4 London – The Best City in the World Home to the Queen Famous sights Commercial Capital of the World Old City with famous monuments Very Cosmopolitan, Multicultural Immense Opportunities Leading in Quality of Education Head Quarter of Gateway2uk ( EDUCATION )

5 Study In London, UK International Exposure, Private colleges - Small classroom size, Teaching all in the English Language, UK is recognised for Top Education provider It is part of the European Union It is a multinational city ‘Earn while you learn’ opportunity

6 About Gateway2uk Gateway2uk is a part of Multinational British group, Facilities Management and Consultancy Europe Limited, head quarter based in London. We provide free student visa service – No visa – Full Refund ( AFTER DEDUCTION £100) Accommodation support Student discount for Tax back service Friendly, high skilled & experienced professional tutors Employment support. Now offering study in London or our affiliate centres in India

7 Courses Offered by G2UK London College Graduate and Post Graduate degree level:  Business and Management Studies,  Information Processing,  Computing,  Communication and Information Systems,  Hospitality Management,  Travel & Tourism,  Accounting & Finance,  Financial Markets,  E-commerce & Business Environment,  Advertising & Marketing Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Certificate:  Hotel Management,  Health Care / Care assistant Management,  Travel & Tourism,  Information Computing.  Molecular Biology  Bioinfomatic  Various HNC / HND courses.

8 Entry Requirements For Post Graduate Degree Level –First Bachelor Degree (4 years) –Language : IELTS 6.5 For Graduate Degree Level –Senior High School (12 th ) –Language : IETLS 5.5 For HND / HNC / A+,AS+ –Senior High School (12 th ) –Language: IELTS 5 –Std 10 th plus admission Language solution for non English speakers Foundation Course in English or any Diploma/ Certificate in English

9 Accommodation –We provide you accommodation matching your budget. –Acclimatize with food, weather, travel, cultural differences –Long term flat shares/house share –International experience- job available for all. –Meet and greet service available at £50 –Cost comparatively equal

10 Cost of Living in London Accommodation & Food Travel Course/Tuition fees £1000 per month on average (tuition & living expenses) APPROX. £11,000 to £16000 PER ANNUM Courses average in UK £3000-£10,000 per year Living average in UK £9500 per year

11 THE REQUIREMENTS Immigration law section 395 para 57-87 CAN YOU PAY? –financial history; sponsor; can you afford the tuition& living exp ARE YOU A SERIOUS/GENUINE STUDENT? –your intentions – are you going to study?; your academic education; have you researched the options; what is your level of English, have you taken an IELTS/TOEFL test? WILL YOU DEVELOP AND ARE YOU MAKING THE RIGHT CHOICE? –Do you about the college, course, life in London? –Is it right for you; is it in line with your past education; what would you do in future with the education? WILL YOU RETURN TO YOUR COUNTRY OF ORIGIN?

12 WHY LONDON ? WHY LONDON ? WHY Gateway2uk ? WHY Gateway2uk ?

13 Advantages of Studying Gateway2uk Programmes Truly International Environment Part time work available Learn English as a native speaker Gain good experience of living and working in the West Good quality education-globally recognised

14 APPLY NOW! FOR January 2008, April 2008, June 2008,September 2007, November 2007 PART SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE Full Visa support to all student’s with 100% back on appeals in case of refusal. No Visa full refund ( £100 administration cost deducted )


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