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Welcome to the UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA. BEAUTIFUL BRITISH COLUMBIA The province of British Columbia is located on Canada’s west coast. Victoria is the.

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2 BEAUTIFUL BRITISH COLUMBIA The province of British Columbia is located on Canada’s west coast. Victoria is the capital city of BC.

3 Victoria has the mildest climate in Canada, with warm, dry summers and winters with rain, but very little snow. BEAUTIFUL BRITISH COLUMBIA

4 Victoria is located on Vancouver Island and is a short flight or ferry ride to Vancouver and Seattle. Spectacular ocean, mountain and forest scenery surround Vancouver Island.

5 VICTORIA: AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE Victoria is famous for: being a friendly, clean and secure place incredible coastal scenery having Canada´s BEST weather!

6 VICTORIA: AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE Over 1 million tourists visit Victoria each year to enjoy: outdoor activities like biking, sailing, kayaking, cycling… famous gardens, parks and beaches excellent shopping, restaurants and nightlife

7 UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA (UVic) UVic consistently ranks among the Top 3 universities in Canada and the Top 1% of universities worldwide! Student population: 19,000 Faculties & Divisions Business Education Engineering Fine Arts Graduates Studies Human & Social Development Humanities Law Science Social Sciences Medical Sciences Continuing Studies

8 UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA (UVic) Our campus is a friendly and comfortable place to learn, with modern academic and recreational facilities.

9 International Students have been studying with us for over 40 years! ELC students come from countries such as: ENGLISH LANGUAGE CENTRE (ELC) Argentina Brazil Colombia China Chile France Iran Italy Japan Korea Mexico Russia Saudi Arabia Spain Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Turkey Venezuela Vietnam

10 ENGLISH LANGUAGE CENTRE (ELC) The ELC is located in a new building in the heart of the university. Students attend classes throughout UVic’s modern campus.

11 ENGLISH LANGUAGE CENTRE (ELC) Our building features: 16 classrooms 2 computer laboratories Easy access to Registration, Teaching and Homestay staff

12 ELC students enjoy access to a variety of learning resources: Libraries Computer Labs Computer-Assisted Language Laboratory (CALL) Study Centre (12-week program) Pronunciation Tutoring Clinic (12-week program) ENGLISH LANGUAGE CENTRE (ELC)

13 ELC programs have a staff of friendly Cultural Assistants who organize activities, give extra support to our students and keep everyone smiling!

14 Each year, over 2500 students attend ELC programs such as : ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROGRAMS 12-Week Intensive English Summer Language & Culture Monthly English English for Special Purposes University Admission Preparation English Work Experience Canadian Experience Internship TOEFL / TOEIC / IELTS Preparation Business English English for Teachers Advanced English & Canadian Studies

15 Program Features 5 class levels: pre-intermediate to advanced English 20 class hours per week Focus on speaking and listening skills Social & cultural activities Dormitory or Homestay accommodation and meals MONTHLY LANGUAGE & CULTURE These 3-6 week programs begin each month.

16 May – August Program Schedule Morning Classes: Monday to Friday 8:30am – 12:30pm 20 class hours per week Afternoon Activities: Workshops Trips to local tourist attractions Evening Activities: (Dormitory Program) Sports, movies, conversation club and more! MONTHLY LANGUAGE & CULTURE

17 September – May Program Schedule Monday to Thursday: Morning classes: 9am – 12pm Afternoon classes: 1:15 - 3:10pm 20 class hours per week Friday: Social & cultural activities Conversation club Trips to local tourist attractions Optional Weekend Activities: Whale watching Butchart Gardens Skiing / Snowboarding MONTHLY LANGUAGE & CULTURE

18 Welcome Barbecue Beach Campfires FAVOURITE ELC ACTIVITIES


20 “Discover BC” hikes at nearby parks FAVOURITE ELC ACTIVITIES

21 Exploring Local Beaches FAVOURITE ELC ACTIVITIES

22 Art Workshops Community Volunteering FAVOURITE ELC ACTIVITIES


24 Skiing / Snowboarding Drumming Workshop FAVOURITE ELC ACTIVITIES

25 Farewell Dinner Trip to Butchart Gardens FAVOURITE ELC ACTIVITIES

26 HOMESTAY ACCOMMODATION Homestay Program: National Award Winner! UVic Homestay is available from September – June and includes: A private, furnished room in a safe, comfortable home close to campus All meals and snacks Airport transportation $800 / month

27 DORMITORY ACCOMMODATION Live on UVic’s campus with your new ELC friends! Dormitory accommodation is available in July and August. It includes: A private, furnished, non-smoking room Cafeteria meal plan Evening and weekend activities

28 S EE Y OU S OON - A T UV IC! Contact:Thailand representative Website: WWW.UVCS.UVIC.CA/ELC Find us on facebook: English Language Centre at UVic

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