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Using Reserve Capacity in UAccess Student

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1 Using Reserve Capacity in UAccess Student

2 What Is “Reserve Capacity”?
Reserve Capacity is a function of UAccess Student (aka PeopleSoft) that allows departments to withhold seats from general registration These seats are reserved according to specific criteria such as class standing, major, GPA, units earned, and so on Reserve Capacity replaces WebReg Permissions

3 Requirement Groups Requirement Groups allow departments to define which students can register for seats being reserved RCS will create Requirement Groups for departmental use the desired criteria (by major, by class standing, etc.) to the RCS Requests are subject to approval Keep it simple! We will notify you when the requested Requirement Group is ready to be applied

4 Requirement Groups, Cntd.
If your department has already communicated with Beth Acree regarding your Requirement Group needs, you don’t need to resubmit your request You can see the available groups by following the steps for attaching a requirement group and searching for the available groups. In future, all requests should be submitted to RCS two weeks prior to priority registration This presentation covers only those Requirement Groups (RGs) that apply to your sections (term-specific). RGs on the catalog level must be approved through FormLink.

5 Setting Up A Reserve Capacity
When RCS has completed your requested Requirement Group, begin by logging into UAccess and finding the course to which the reserve cap will be applied Search for the class under Maintain Schedule of Classes; once it’s loaded, click the “Reserve Cap” tab

6 Use the Start Date field to assign the date on and after which the seats will be reserved
Next, in the Requirement Group field, click the magnifying glass, or enter the group number if you know it, to find the Requirement Group that applies to your situation Finally, enter the number of seats to be reserved for the Requirement Group indicated. This number should match the course max enrollment and will result in all seats being reserved using the Requirement Group that has been added.

7 To deactivate a Reserve Capacity enter “0” (zero) in the Cap Enroll field. You may want to do this at the end of priority registration or the first day of classes so that all students can register for any remaining seats.

8 Don’t forget to save your work!

9 Important Considerations
You will have access to ALL requirement groups, not just those you’ve requested. Be careful to apply the correct requirement group! Example: A Music course could inadvertently have a CHEM pre-requisite applied to it When applying a Reserve Capacity to a Master course, you must also apply it to the course’s secondaries Example: AIS is the home department of AIS 220; a Reserve Capacity would apply to both it and ANTH 220, its secondary Your settings will remain in place and will roll forward from year to year.

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