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Opens November 5 a.m. Registration Ends: December 5 p.m. 1.

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1 Opens November 6 @ 5 a.m. Registration Ends: December 31 @ 5 p.m. 1

2  It is YOUR responsibility to enroll in the required courses to meet graduation requirements.  You may change your schedule at any time prior to the first day of semester. Once the semester begins, any changes must be submitted to Student Services who will then authorize the Registrar to make the changes in the schedule. THERE WILL BE A FEE. 2

3  Common errors: ◦ wrong class ◦ wrong section ◦ wrong campus), ◦ wrong course, ◦ enrolling for a lecture without enrolling for the lab, etc.  You are required to print your Concise Student Schedule from the Webraider Portal upon completion of registration. You are also required to print your Degreeworks Audit, sign, date and submit these two documents to Student Services. 3

4  Use the Spring Enrollment Sheet provided to you which includes the CRN’s for every course.  Following this sheet, should keep you from making errors. 4

5  The Class Schedule is posted on the school web site under Academic Information. to see when the days and times for each course.  Enroll in course sections for 1 CAMPUS only.  CHECK your Concise Student Schedule shows more than one campus then you have registered improperly. 5

6  Go to the Academic Information page on our web site:  Click on appropriate Class Schedule to see days and times for each course.  Use the Master Key Worksheet to find a list of courses as well as the holidays, special events, date for final exams and the time for the final exams. 6

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12  Use the CRN’s provided on the Enrollment Sheet to add to the worksheet in Add/Drop courses. 12

13  If a course has a prerequisite, you must have already had the course in order to enroll.  Some courses have a requirement that you must be at the correct classification in order to register for the course.  Be careful when adding courses. The course will not add if the course is full. It will be a brief flash on the screen when a section is full. 13

14  Use the Degreeworks Audit from the WebRaider Portal.   Use the magnifying glass to search your name or R Number  Hit the Search button to find your name  Green checks indicate completed courses  Blue are in Progress  Red X’s indicate outstanding coursework 14

15  You will need to enroll in courses offered that will complete the enrollment in that area.  These are the courses you must complete to graduate.  Each section should be completed from the previous semester or show enrolled.  Some courses have moved from fall to spring so look for these sections as “Not met” to find needed enrollment. 15

16  Use these two tools together to be sure you have registered for all classes needed to graduate.  You can go to Degree Audit after you have registered, print, sign, and date for submission to Student Services. 16

17  Are all your courses on the same campus?  Did you print your Concise Student Schedule for submission to Student Services to verify that you are enrolled in all courses.  Did you check your enrollment against the Degreeworks Audit? You must print, sign, date and submit your Degree Audit along with the Concise Student Schedule to verify correct enrollment.  Do you have the same 21 credit hours on the Concise Student Schedule?  You should have 13 courses and 2 labs for a total of 15 CRNs listed on your Concise Student Schedule.  Did you enroll in Phar 1001 – Annual Assessment?  Did you enroll for the same section of Case Studies that matches the section numbers for Phar 3240 and 2104?  Success! 17

18 Opens November 6 @ 5 a.m. Registration Ends: December 31 @ 5 p.m. 18

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