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2 Home page

3 Bid letting schedule

4 Specific letting details

5 Helpful information

6 Contractors checklist

7 Contract payments

8 DBE Information

9 Labor, wages, and EEO Information

10 Master contract schedule

11 Prequalification information

12 Project information

13 HCCI is searchable

14 New process to submit a Proposal Request: online DT1633 Select a Letting Date from the drop-down Enter your Vendor ID Your company information on file will show Enter Contact Person and Contact Mark the proposals to be listed as a plan holder or a bidder Upload an attachment to document the total outstanding work Submit You will receive an auto confirmation After approval or denial you will you will receive another , same as you do now. You will be listed on the HCCI website and BidExpress as a plan holder or an eligible bidder



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