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1 608-266-1631

2 Home page

3 Bid letting schedule

4 Specific letting details

5 Helpful information

6 Contractors checklist

7 Contract payments

8 DBE Information

9 Labor, wages, and EEO Information

10 Master contract schedule

11 Prequalification information

12 Project information

13 HCCI is searchable

14 New process to submit a Proposal Request: online DT1633 Select a Letting Date from the drop-down Enter your Vendor ID Your company information on file will show Enter Contact Person and Contact Email Mark the proposals to be listed as a plan holder or a bidder Upload an attachment to document the total outstanding work Submit You will receive an auto confirmation email After approval or denial you will you will receive another email, same as you do now. You will be listed on the HCCI website and BidExpress as a plan holder or an eligible bidder



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