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Case Study PVC Column Replacement My Steel Casing has Disappeared.

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2 Case Study PVC Column Replacement My Steel Casing has Disappeared

3 Case Study Your steel Column has been in the ground for 10-30 years and the pump pressure and water supply has been dropping constantly. The pump is pulled up and the column is found to have corroded away and has holes everywhere and in spots only rust is holding it together.

4 Case Study In some instances steel pump column has corroded in a time frame of less than 2 years. If the column is replaced by steel again the same occurrence will happen in the same time and the process will just be repeated.

5 Case Study To have a lifetime of over 20 years. Corrosion resistance.. Pump the same amount of water as originally. To withstand the Installation depth.

6 Case Study Use standard shafts, original if possible. Use standard tools for assembly. Connect to original Discharge Head. Match the column thread on discharge bowl of the pump.

7 Case Study The solution is to use replace the old corroded steel column with a non- corrosive material. The new column to be the same length as the original column so the column shaft can be re-used.

8 Case Study To manufacture and supply new column made from PVC, which is noncorrosive and its integrity is strong enough to withstand the bore installations depth.

9 Case Study The column will have the same overall length as the original, so that the column shaft can be reused. Stainless and Bronze adaptors are manufactured so the Pvc column will fit the discharge head and the pump discharge thread.

10 Case Study Other Alternatives where to use fibreglass column, this has to be imported or manufactured, with a lead time of over many weeks. Stainless pipe could be used, but is very expensive.

11 Case Study Steel column can be painted with a epoxy paint or dipped, plus it could also be wrapped in tape. Keep replacing every few years.

12 Case Study The specialized Pvc column was delivered on time and successfully installed by the pump installer. After having the Pvc column in the ground for over 2 years it was pulled up and inspected, there was no sign of any issues. Pvc column has been used for over 10 years now and there has not been an issue with this product failing

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