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1 Adjust it Yourself the operator adjusted mirror.

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2 1 Adjust it Yourself the operator adjusted mirror


4 3 THE AIMED IMPROVEMENTS Improved Skilled Tradesman utilization to high priority tasks Improved Operator comfort as the Mirror is adjusted to individual needs Improved Truck Availability Improved Safety to Operators Improved Safety to Fitters Improved Expenditure on Mirror replacements Improved Safety to Operators due to having more control of their Environment

5 4 THE OLD STYLE Overall weight 22kg highlighting a risk to Fitters Mirror suffers vibration issues due to fitment design Main frame is made of heavy metal but is corroding badly requiring frequent replacement Unable to be adjusted by Operator without tooling resulting in lost time waiting for fitters

6 5 Rusted and seized bolts Operators carrying tools to adjust mirrors where possible Waiting on Fitters to Adjust or replace mirrors THE ISSUES

7 6 THE NEW STYLE Stainless steel, Teflon and Nylon components to eliminate rusting Once the Nylon blocks are mounted, Mirror slots into place resulting in minimal weight handling by Fitters 19kg overall weight to prevent strain if damaged and requires replacement. (3kg Saving) Simple spring loaded latches for insert replacement. No tools required

8 7 ANTI- SEIZE ADJUSTMENT HANDLE Just unscrew the handle Adjust the Mirror inwards or outwards Re-tighten handle Threaded Nylon bush is extremely effective and convenient as it makes a very firm fit, but can not be over tightened No slip hazards for Operators when adjusting

9 8 THE SIMPLICITY Existing Mirror Mounts Teflon Blocks Mirror slots onto the Teflon blocks Stainless Steel Frame and Handle NO RUST

10 9 QUICK AND EASY Quick Release Latches to pull frame forward Easy to hold insert tab to make it easier to remove the glass insert with out the use of tools

11 10 REMOVAL OF GLASS INSERT It does not get any easier than this!

12 11 For Enquiries Call Catherine 0408 187 200

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