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Bored Pile Procedure.

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1 Bored Pile Procedure

2 Content Bored Pile Procedure : Cycle Time of a Bored Pile
1. Set up the Location of Bored Pile 2. Insert Casing 3. Drilling 4. Removing Slime 5. KODEN-Test 6. Insert of Steel Cage 7. Insert Tremie Pipe 8. Pouring the Concrete 9. Removing Casing Cycle Time of a Bored Pile

3 Bored Pile Procedure 1. Set up the location of Bored Pile

4 Bored Pile Procedure We use Total Station instrument to survey each pile point.

5  casing must be stand vertical
Bored Pile Procedure 2. Insert casing  casing must be stand vertical ( by checking verticality of casing when insert casing )

6 Bored Pile Procedure  use Vibrodriver or Vibrohamer to insert casing

7 Bored Pile Procedure 3. Drilling  Drilling Machine : weight : 130tons
BG drilling depth : 49m diameter : 3m weight : 96tons BG drilling depth : 39m diameter : 2.5m weight : 91tons SD drilling depth : 36m BG - 40 BG - 28 SD - 515

8 Bored Pile Procedure 4. Removing slime
when finish drilling , we use Mechanical pump equipment to remove slime .

9 Bored Pile Procedure 5. KODEN Test
KODEN test utilizes the principle of ultrasonic wave travel from sensor to the wall of drilled hole and reflect to the sensor through the bentonite slurry.  Equipment KODEN equipment consists of two parts, recorder unit and winch unit . Recorder Unit Winch Unit

10 Bored Pile Procedure Recorder unit controls the operation and record the test result. On the other hand, winch unit lowers the probe (sensor) down the hole for ultrasonic reflection .  Testing Procedure 1. Remove any obstacle around the hole area in order that the test equipment can access to the hole . 2. Place the winch unit over the top of drilled hole or on the steel casing. Position the sensor (probe) at the center of the hole . 3. Lower the sensor into bentonite slurry. Hold the sensor at depth approximately 1 to 1.5m . 4. Restore the sensor to the starting position and perform the test.

11 Bored Pile Procedure 1. Profile along two perpendicular axes.
 Test Result Test results are presented in graphical plot and show characteristics below : 1. Profile along two perpendicular axes. 2. Average verticality of the hole. 3. Location or depth where abnormality Occurs such as reduction in diameter, or collapsed wall of the hole. 4. Depth of drilled hole.

12 Bored Pile Procedure 6. Insert of steel cage

13 Bored Pile Procedure 7. Insert Tremie

14 Bored Pile Procedure Type of tremie pipe :
we have 3 types of tremie : 1m, 2m and 3m Length 1m Length 2m Length 3m Length

15 Buried Length of Tremie
Bored Pile Procedure How to insert tremie pipe : Use mobile crane to hang the hopper Then connect each tremie pipe After that put it into the bored pile hole until bottom When we pour concrete, we have to bury the tremie pipe into concrete as below : Diameter of Bored Pile Buried Length of Tremie Ø1000 3 to 3.5m Ø1800 2 to 2.5m

16 Bored Pile Procedure 8. Pouring the concrete Quality of Concrete :
 Max. size of Aggregate : 2.5cm  Workability : 55cm ( Flow )

17 Strength of mix ( Target Strength )
Bored Pile Procedure  Strength of concrete : ► Design strength : fck =300kg/cm² ( 28day’s cure concrete ) ► Strength of mix ( Target Strength ) : according to the Standard Specifications of Concrete ( Korea Concrete Institute ) Strength of mix ( Target Strength ) So, for Actual Concrete Strength : 400kg/cm² Material Strength Calculation of fck ( Mpa ) Strength of mix ( Mpa ) Target Strength 21 > fck fck + 7 ( Standard specifications of concrete ) 21 ≤ fck ≤ 35 fck + 8.5 ( Korea Concrete Institute ) fck > 35 fck + 10 fck 300kg/cm² = Mpa Strength of mix 29.42 Mpa Mpa = Mpa = 389 kg/cm² Apply : 400 kg/cm²

18 Bored Pile Procedure 9. Remove casing

19 Cycle Time of a Bored Pile
Step of Bored Pile Cycle time of each step ( hour) 1. Set up location of Bored Pile 0.3 2. Inserting Casing 2 3. Drilling 8 4. Removing slime 1 5. KODEN Test 6. Inserting Steel Cage 7. Inserting Tremie Pipe 8. Pouring the concrete 9. Remove casing 1.5 Total Cycle Time 18.8

20 Thank You for Your Attention!

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