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PE-U, Inc. Erin L. Bunting Ursula Garfield Pamela Linson-DeVore.

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1 PE-U, Inc. Erin L. Bunting Ursula Garfield Pamela Linson-DeVore

2 Credentials Erin Bunting, President MA Anthropology Ph.D. Geomatics-Cadastral Studies Ursula Garfield, Vice President MA Urban and Region Planning Ph.D. Geography-Climatology, Land Use Changes Pamela Linson-DeVore,Imaging Specialist and Project Leader BS Soil and Water Science-Pedology Ms Geography-Remote Sensing and GIScience

3 Projects Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Interpreted aerial photography to assist with FWCs Black Bear Habitat Assessment Project. City of Jacksonville, Florida Thematic Mapper image interpretation and change detection for Jacksonville coastline erosion project.

4 Cutting Edge Software ERDAS Imagine 8.7 -Allows for land cover trajectories to be run -Mapping of land cover changes -Raster Data Analysis ESRI ArcGIS 9.0 -Vector and Raster Data Analysis -Mapping of Vector Layers -ArcMap, ArcCatalog, and ArcToolbox Combined Experience with ArcView, ArcInfo, Visual Basic,.Net, Trimble and Garmin GPS Products, Spatial Analyst, Adobe Products, AutoCAD, ArcIMS, and ArcPad Equipment.

5 Image Formats Standard Monochrome, Color Negative and Color Transparency Aerial Photography Color-Infrared Orthography Digital Raster Images Satellite Imagery - Panchromatic,Multispectral, and Hyperspectral

6 Interpretation Techniques Stereography Historical Aerial Photography Land Analysis Geographic Information Systems and Geodatabases Data acquisition, interpretation, translation, and maintenance. GPS Surveys - Land use/Land cover Suitability Modeling and Decision Analysis Illustrative Graphics and Desktop Publishing Data Creation and Calculations

7 Proposal for Aerial Photographic Interpretation Methods for the 2003 Natural Resource Inventory, Gainesville, Florida Ancillary data: -NRCS/FSA Compliance Maps -National Wetland Inventory Printed Maps -NWI-FSWS website -State Soil Survey -Labins Database Data Collection and Ground-Truthing will include reference to and interpretation of: 2003 Color-Infrared Orthographic Quarter Quads, Ikonos Satellite Images, Digital Raster Graphics, 9 x 9 Color Film Transparencies, PSU Support Maps

8 Color-Infrared Orthophoto Quadrangle GeoTiff A GeoTiff is a.tiff file with geographic information embedded in the file for easy positioning in GIS Images from Photo Finder

9 Completed Mylar overlay Final Product for the 2003 NRI including data entered into Casi and all PSU files fully edited and returned to NRCS by February 1, 2004

10 1995 1999 Images from Photo Finder Gainesville, Florida

11 IMAGINE: Swipe of 1999 and 1995 Forested areas: Red = 1999 Blue = 1995 Images from Photo Finder

12 IMAGINE by Erdas Layer Blend of Multiple Image Time Periods Images from Photo Finder

13 NDVI vegetation index Utilizing Color-Infrared images to produce a vegetation cover analysis image. Image provided by St. Johns Water Management District, 2004

14 Imagine by ERDAS Model Maker Image of a layer stack Image from Photo Finder

15 Ground Truthing of Study Area Image from Photo Finder

16 Imagine: Image of 1999 and AOI Land-use / Land-cover change classification 342 341 730 700 902 700 901 730 Image from Photo Finder

17 Imagine: Image of 1995 and AOI Land-use / Land-cover change classification 342 341 730 Images from Photo Finder

18 ArcGIS: Overlay Analysis Images from Photo Finder

19 Gainesville Florida Airport through the years -The Gainesville regional airport was constructed in 1935, two years before the first air photos were taken. -In 1979 the new Gainesville Regional Airport opened. Prior to 1979, the runways were unpaved and the terminal did not exist.

20 Change in Motion… Images span in time from 1957 to 1999. Land Cover Change of Gainesville Regional Airport. Land cover changes include Urban, Residential, Forest, and Wetlands. Images were taken from the Map & Imagery Library, University of Florida.

21 PE-U, Incorporated 2435 North Woodland Terrace Gainesville, Florida 32608 352.372.4812 Office 352.373.2516 Fax

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