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ArcView® Image Analysis

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1 ArcView® Image Analysis
(and what’s new in 1.1) Kaushik Chakraborty Regional Manager ERDAS Europe, Africa & Middle East.

2 Why ERDAS? World’s Leader in Geographic Imaging
Over 30,000 ERDAS Users World-wide Image Processing Mapping Applications ESRI and ERDAS Use Each Other’s Data Models Vector and Raster Common Development Environment Partners on Hundreds of Global Projects

3 ERDAS - ESRI Partnership
Long established co-operation Harvard University roots ESRI investment in ERDAS Image Processing is core ERDAS technology ERDAS pioneered concept of Vector with Raster ‘Live Link’ (1988) IMAGINE Vector module (1995) Image Analysis Extension (1998) Total adoption of ARC vector data model within ERDAS IMAGINETM Sharing ‘common’ data formats Integration achieved at a data level

4 Image Analysis - Product Concept
Geographic Imaging Simplicity Data access Key analysis functions Avenue customization Complete integration

5 What Does It Do . . ? Data Access Display & Visualisation
Direct support for satellite formats Display & Visualisation Enhanced operation within ArcView Image enhancement tools Georeferencing / Alignment Spectral Analysis & Classification Automated Change Detection Automated feature extraction from imagery Complete ArcView integration

6 Data Access Direct read (DLL’s) Image Analysis Data Source Importers

7 Image Display Fast image display Interactive tools
Supports IMAGINE pyramids Interactive tools Select bands Query pixel values Measure features

8 Image Enhancement Contrast & Brightness adjustment Sharpen Smooth

9 Image Alignment Georeferences imagery to Shape files

10 Base Map Update - rapid & current

11 Automatic Map Update

12 Categorization

13 Change Detection Change Map Date 2 Date 1

14 Convert to Shape files Straight into ArcView!!
Fastest way to create land use coverages?

15 Integration - Image Analysis Theme
Fully integrated No new environment to learn

16 What are its applications?
Oil & Gas Exploration Geological Interpretation Pipeline monitoring Urban Planning Change Detection Environmental monitoring Pollution Control Fisheries & Agriculture Defence Border control Targeting Natural hazard mapping

17 What’s New . . . ? Provide access to new data types
Add flexibility for setting and managing user preferences Provide additional data enhancement options Subset data based on spectral or color band selection Additional quality management capabilities with image geo- positioning Mosaic data in a simple single-button operation Stack images to visualize data from multiple image source files in a single theme

18 Data Access and Preparation . . .
Direct Read and Write ERDAS IMG, GRID, GeoTIFF/TIFF Direct Read JPEG, ERDAS LAN and GIS, MrSID, BIL, BIP, BSQ, ERMapper, NITF Importers Landsat, SPOT, DOQQ, IRS-1, RPF, CIB, CADRG, Landsat 7, NLAPS, RadarSat, ERS Direct plug-ins use the same technology as ArcInfo 8 and IMAGINE New for 1.1 in red.

19 Image Mosaicing . . . What you see, is what you get!
Independent of Pixel Sizes Interactive Color Balance Output specific areas and cookie cut data

20 Additional Data Enhancement . . .
Infrared / Natural Colour Selection New Stretches

21 Subset . . . Select one or more bands from a multi band image Remove unwanted layers Prepare data for mosaic Layer Stack . . . Combine Bands for Temporal Change Create a hybrid image from two different data types Combine multi resolution data

WHY? IMAGERY IS INFORMATION. A processed image . . . … or information?

23 Image Analysis

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