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Geographic Information Systems Thomas Jay Forrest Information Services 8 March 2007.

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1 Geographic Information Systems Thomas Jay Forrest Information Services 8 March 2007

2 What is GIS?  GIS is the integration of computer based mapping with database systems that allow for storing, displaying, and analyzing data. Components:  Computer System  Spatial Data  Analytical Framework

3 Software for Users  Landview 6 C3.301:6 Installed on Government Information Workstation EPA, Census Bureau and USGS Data  National Atlas

4 Software for Designers  Vector Describes data in terms of:  Points: fire hydrants, airports, cities  Lines: highways, rivers  Polygons: districts, counties, or states Standard Software: ArcGIS (  Raster Describes data in terms of pixels  Aerial Photography  Satellite Imagery Standard Software: ERDAS Imagine®

5 Federal Data Sources  Bureau of Transportation Statistics Cartographic Boundaries of Census, County, State, Metropolitan Areas Vector files for the Federal Highway System and Water  Bureau of the Census Cartographic Boundary Files Population Data  USGS Remote Sensing Data Elevation and Hydrology: Geologic Maps:  EPA Landview   NOAA – Climate Data

6 Transportation  National Transportation Atlas Database (NTAD): TD12.17:AT6  sportation_atlas_database/2006/ sportation_atlas_database/2006/  A set of nationwide geographic databases of transportation facilities, transportation networks, and associated infrastructure. These datasets include spatial information for transportation modal networks and intermodal terminals, as well as the related attribute information for these features.

7 Local Data Sources  Georgia GIS Clearinghouse  Atlanta Regional Commission Atlanta Region Information System (ARIS)  HC108.A75.E45x 28 County MS coverage for: Land Use/Land Cover, Streets and Highways, Community Facilities, Census Tracts, Political Boundaries, Regional Transportation Plans, Transit (bus and rail), Flood Plains, ZIP Codes 10-county region Digital Orthophoto Quarter Quad (DOQQ) in UTM and State Plane Coordinates  Counties:

8 Other Data Sources   nglish/htmain.htm nglish/htmain.htm

9 Research  LCSH: Geographic Information Systems  Books and Journals on GIS are generally at G70.212 Research Publications:  Journal of geographical systems  Transactions in GIS Trade Publications:  GeoWorld  Principal Reference Databases GeoRef and GeoBase

10 GIS at Georgia Tech  Schools and programs that teach or use GIS in classes or research City and Regional Planning Civil and Environmental Engineering Earth and Atmospheric Sciences International Affairs Public Policy

11 Center for GIS  Research and develop the next generation of geospatial technologies  Apply GIS tools and technologies to a variety of research and industry problems  Teach diverse GIS courses for planners, engineers, environmental specialists, architects, students, and researchers from many other disciplines  Enhance and disseminate digital spatial databases for the State of Georgia

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