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As Good As A Job A Member School of Pivot Point Intl Inc. Chicago.

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1 As Good As A Job A Member School of Pivot Point Intl Inc. Chicago

2 Pivot Point Kenya – A cut Above the Rest The only school in Kenya affiliated to an internationally accredited network of Hair & Beauty Education, Pivot Point International, Chicago With over 2000 members schools in 48 countries, Pivot Point International is recognised the world over as the leader in its field Regular inspections by senior experts from Pivot Point, Chicago over the years ensure that Pivot Point Kenyas world standards are maintained Thanks to this affiliation, Pivot Point Kenya is clearly distinctive at providing quality education

3 Pivot Point Kenya – A cut Above the Rest Established in 1995, Pivot Point Kenya is today Kenyas most accepted Hair & Beauty school, producing hundreds of happy, job-ready graduates every year The success rate of Pivot Point Kenya is by far the highest of all schools of its type in Kenya Feedback from Pivot Point graduates working in salons confirms that as accomplished professionals they are capable of retaining clients and therefore making good money. With all the above, it is clear why a Pivot Point Education is such a unique way to empower a needy youth.

4 The Pivot Point Education Programme For over 40 years, the Pivot Point Educational Programme has been tested, refined and proven successful in over 2000 schools in 48 countries worldwide.

5 The Pivot Point Education Programme A most efficient and effective education programme Backed by a global network of resources that enables all Pivot Point Member schools to excel wherever they are


7 The Unique Pivot Point System An entire training system called the Scientific Approach Developed in 1962 by the Fine Art Department of the University of Chicago and Pivot Point founder & president, Leo Passage

8 The Unique Pivot Point System It teaches not only the Hows but also the Whys It is the worlds most widely used and accepted cosmetology training method

9 The Unique Pivot Point System This high tech, user-friendly system comes in interactive digital formats that allow students to enjoy a great educational experience with: Higher retention Greater understanding

10 The Unique Pivot Point System Based on a sensory approach, it is an easy step- by-step learning process : Hearing, Seeing, Reading, Writing and Doing

11 The Pivot Point Kenya Courses

12 All learning is through theory, audio- visual presentations, lectures and demonstration, followed by practical experience before working on clients


14 The Pivot Point Kenya Courses Imagine after only six months, you become a certified Pivot Point Hair Designer, trained in Sculpture, Design, Relaxing, Perms and Color Application

15 The Six Month Hair Design Course Each complete programme includes the following courses: Salon ethics, Sanitation, Bacteriology, Tricology and Shampooing

16 The Six Month Hair Design Course The Scientific Approach To Long Hair Design Learn the fundamental long hair design techniques that create any number of finished looks. An exciting opportunity to express design abilities with immediate visible results.

17 The Six Month Hair Design Course The Scientific Approach to Hair Sculpture Learn to sculpt straight and curly hair, ethnic or Caucasian, using shears, texturizing tools and techniques, razor and electric clippers. Taught with mannequins, slip-ons, hair wefts, rectangles and profiles.

18 The Six Month Hair Design Course Learn to mould, scale and set hair with rollers, pin curls, finger waves, air forming and iron curling techniques. Master these techniques and you can design hair of any texture for traditional and trendy looks The Scientific Approach to Hair Design

19 The Six Month Hair Design Course This course includes two main techniques. 1. To create curls (perming) in straight hair including Caucasian 2. To straighten (relax) curly hair (afro hair) Extensive demonstrations and hands-on practice chemical use for both techniques form the basis of this course. You also learn about home-care products The Scientific Approach to Chemical Reformation

20 The Six Month Hair Design Course The Scientific Approach to Colour Design How to work with temporary, semi- permanent hair colouring agents as well as lightening hair using colour correcting and designing techniques forms the major part of the colour design course. This is taught using the international colour level system, ranging from darkest brown to lightest blonde.

21 3 MONTHS HAIR DESIGN CERTIFICATE COURSE After only three months you become a certified Pivot point Hair Designer trained in sculpture, design, relaxer, perm and color application This course educates the student on the demands in the hair industry that includes more practical services both on head forms and live models. The course includes: - hair sculpture - hair design - chemical reformation - color Includes learning salon success i.e. client retention, referral Student gets to earn while they learn. A commission for all services done will be paid to the students.

22 HAIR DESIGN PART TIME COURSES. Sculpture Cutting hair for both ladies and men The 4basic forms are taught on headforms and to be later examined on the live models The sculpting procedures and techniques are also made available to the student to enable them to sculpt any design imaginable, form combining the four forms, to adapt them to the various hair textures and types (afro hair and caucasian hair) Duration 2hrs daily for 15 days

23 HAIR DESIGN PART TIME COURSES Design A design is never complete without setting, tongs, flat ironing, round brushing molding, or pincurls which are taught in this course Students learn how to apply all the above techniques to both afro and caucasian hair. Also included are dreadlocks, gel styling, popcorns and finger waves The headform is used to learn and clients are then brought for the practicals Duration 2hrs daily for 15days

24 HAIR DESIGN PART TIME COURSES Chemical reformation Includes perming straight hair, as well as relaxing curly /kinky hair thus making hair more manageable. Product knowleadge and home care are also taught as well as hands on practicals on live Models Duration 2hrs daily for 15days Color. Students learn the four categories of color as well as hair lightening and covering grey hair. They are also taught the various techniques used in appying the colors as well as color product knowledge and home care. Duration 2hrs daily for 15days

25 The Six Month Hair Design Course People Skills, Client Care and Marketing Basics form also part of the 6 months hair design course.


27 The 3 Months Beauty Course Imagine after only 3 months, you become a certified Pivot Point Hair Beautician, trained in Nail care, Massage, Skincare, Make-up, Body treatments, Aromatherapy & Reflexology.

28 Each complete programme includes the following courses: The 3 Months Beauty Course

29 Bacteriology, Sterilization and Sanitation As beauty student and later on as a beautician, you will deal extensively with peoples skin. It is therefore of utmost importance to learn all about hygiene, bacteriology, sterilization and sanitation.

30 The 3 Months Beauty Course Skin Care Includes thorough skin analysis and recognition of basic skin disorders. Learn how to make professional recommendations for facial treatment required for a particular skin type and its condition. This is followed by hands-on treatments for normal problematic and ageing skin. Use of machines like high frequency, galvanic and brushing with demonstrations on special facial machines at Urembo Hair & Beauty centres.

31 The 3 Months Beauty Course Make-up Learn various techniques for day, evening and special occasions like bridal make-up taking into consideration a persons skin tone and facial features (enhance positive features, conceal negative features). Learn how to use foundations, concealers and powders; shading, highlighting, lip contouring shaping

32 The 3 Months Beauty Course Body Care This course includes massage techniques for special needs, body wraps, anti-cellulite, slimming, firming and toning treatments. Demonstrations on special machines at Urembo Hair & Beauty centres.

33 The 3 Months Beauty Course Nail Care The theory and practical application of manicure and pedicure, hand and foot massage as well as recognising disorders and nail imperfections that can or cannot be treated in a beauty salon. Learn the techniques of acrylic application, tips, overlays and infills along with safety and aseptic control procedures

34 The 3 Months Beauty Course Depilation The art of unwanted hair removal on various parts of the body Includes waxing, tweezing and threading

35 The 3 Months Beauty Course Reflexology Learn a bout this system of massage that balances the inner organs of the body

36 6 WEEKS BEAUTY CERTIFICATE COURSE After only six weeks you have the following basic beauty service at your finger tips: Manicure &pedicure Facial Treatment Tweezing Threading Waxing Make up Body Massage

37 BEAUTY PART TIME ADVANCED COURSE ANTI-CELLULITE TREATMENT Abody treatment that reduces cellulite (fat deposits) as well as wrapping to firm the body. Duration 1hr for 10 days BODY MASSAGE (AROMATHERAPY AND REFLEXOLOGY) Aromatherapy uses essential oils that calm and heal specific disorders of the body while reflexology is a massage that relieves stress and balances the body by manipulating pressure points on the body. Duration 2hr for 20days

38 BEAUTY ADVANCE COURSE This course takes 21 days and is also available. It includes: Facial with machine Make up i.e Day, Bridal, Evening, Avante Garde Nail care

39 What also matters Because success depends on more than just professional skills, the interpersonal People Skills course complements the professional courses. There are also lessons Client Care and Marketing basics – essentials for a successful professional

40 CERTIFICATES & DIPLOMAS After successful completion of each course (75% pass mark) a certificate will be issued. After successful completion of all courses the Pivot Point Graduate will be awarded with the Internationally recognized Pivot Point Diploma.

41 CAREER OPPORTUNITIES As a pivot graduate in hair and beauty, you can select from a wide choice of beautiful careers

42 Careers Salon Careers Hair designer Esthetician Nail technician Make –up artist

43 Careers School Management Owner or director of private school Department head of a school Supervisor positions

44 Careers Careers in Marketing Brand manager Marketing executive Sales executive Promotion manager Platform artist

45 Careers Salon Management Salon owner Salon manager or supervisor Franchisee of a salon

46 Careers Teaching Careers Teacher or Instructor in a Hair & Beauty college


48 Earnings Depending on ones chosen career path and personal performance, a Pivot Point graduate can expect earnings ranging from Ksh 15,000 to 80,000 and above


50 Contact Us Lonrho House, 2nd Mezzanine Floor,Standard Street, P.O. Box 50614 – 00200, Nairobi, Tel: 2242715, 2228702; Fax: 2242716. Email:

51 Thank You

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