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Secondary School ACE IT Programs High School Credit and College Training at the same time Langley School District.

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1 Secondary School ACE IT Programs High School Credit and College Training at the same time Langley School District


3 What is an ACE IT Program? Earn high-school and post-secondary credits at the same time Pay no post-secondary tuition Develop advanced skills and be ready to work in industry as you graduate from high school Attend a full-time program for one or two semesters at ACSS, LSS Attend full-time in a college program at a post- secondary institution Accelerated Industry Training

4 Who takes ACE IT programs? Motivated Grade 11 or 12 students Students who want specific training Students ready for applied learning Students who want to have a specialized skill base to pay for further post-secondary Students ready, willing and able to learn beyond the traditional model of school ALL types of students!

5 ACE IT Programs offered in Langley School District: Plumbing/Piping ACE-IT at Langley Secondary Hairdressing ACE-IT Carpentry ACE-IT Auto Service Technician ACE-IT at Aldergrove Community Sec

6 Teachers in our ACE-IT programs Have recent, extensive industry experience Are highly-skilled at their trades and are experienced high school teachers Have contacts and industry connections to help create valuable workplace training opportunities Assist high school students in the transition to becoming skilled tradespeople These programs offer a unique high school experience: work placements, smaller classes, focus on learning in groups and skill-building

7 Plumbing/Piping Start work in the piping trades: plumbing, gas fitting, steam fitting, and sprinkler fitting 2 semesters at LSS Lots of hands-on and group learning Includes work- experience & 8 weeks BCIT time

8 Installing a piping system before the ceiling goes in

9 Learn some valuable and specialized skills Earn high school graduation and a BCIT certificate Work as part of a dynamic team

10 Hairdressing Become a certified hairdresser in B.C. Learn all the skills required: hair cut and colour techniques, salon management, hair science, customer service

11 ReCREATIONS Training Salon at ACSS

12 ReCREATIONS Training Salon at ACSS

13 Carpentry Start working in the construction trade Gain carpentry skills and work experience Earn Level 1 carpentry apprenticeship training One semester at ACSS Includes paid work- experience & 4 weeks of training at Kwantlen Cloverdale

14 Build real mini-homes and gain real experience preparing you for the trade

15 Auto Service Tech Start working in automotive service Earn Level 1 auto service tech training Program includes theory, Work experience and practical skill -building Program includes paid work-experience & four weeks of training at Kwantlen Cloverdale

16 Automotive Service Technician

17 ACE IT programs with our Post-Secondary and Community Partners Kwantlen Polytechnic University Practical Horticulture and work BCIT Electrical Foundation Roofing Contractors Association of BC Roofing Level I and work program

18 Kwantlen CTC Career Technical Consortium at Cloverdale Campus Carpentry and Auto Service at Langley Campus Horticulture Apprenticeship

19 Horticulture Apprenticeship CTC Learn about Landscaping, Nursery, Production or Golf Course Maintenance 2 months training at KUC and 3 months paid work experience Earn Level 1 technical training in Horticulture apprenticeship

20 Learn Equipment use and maintenance Gain plant, soil and pest knowledge Program prepares for inside or outside work High-demand field with many work opportunities

21 Why apply for an ACE IT program? You want to focus on a specific area of training and learn a great deal You want to gain skills you would normally learn after high school You want more hands-on training Youre ready to take on a challenge You want a head-start and youre motivated

22 Want In? You need to apply! Talk with the Career Contact person or counsellor in your school Visit the program, attend an Open House or Info Session. Check it out for yourself. Apply the year before you want to start the program (by April 30th) Many programs will take either grade 11s or grade 12s. Plan this out with a counsellor. Get some good references. These programs can be competitive.

23 Langleys Career Education/Transitions Programs: A Journey for Life Its your journey and your life: YOU make the CHOICES for more information: speak with someone in your school, visit the program: attend an open house, or information session and go to:

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