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2  Ultrasound machines use high frequency sound waves that bounce off of soft bodily issues to create images that would otherwise be unavailable to physicians. Technicians must learn to identify whether or not their scans are satisfactory to pass along to a physician, who will use the images to diagnose and treat patients. Ultrasound technology is also used to track pregnancies and enhance prenatal care.  In addition to their technical role, ultrasound technologists must interact with patients to ensure their comfort and safety. Technicians are responsible for explaining procedures to patients in full before they are carried out as well as positioning patients correctly to receive scans. The ideal ultrasound technologist will be sensitive to patients’ concerns and learn to create an atmosphere of ease.

3  Ultrasound techs need a high school diploma or GED equivalent to practice and training from an accredited scholastic program– it is increasingly more difficult to obtain work without formal certification. Therefore, it is highly advisable to select and complete an ultrasound technician CAAHEP accredited education program offered at vocational schools, hospitals, colleges, or online schools. All accredited programs can be found at the Joint Review committee on Education in Diagnostic Medical Sonography or the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Programs.  There are three common educational paths that prospective ultrasound tech students take:  The Associate’s degree– this is the preferred option and requires two years to complete.  The certificate program– this is the fastest option and takes about a year to complete.  The Bachelor’s degree– the longest and most comprehensive option. Typically can be completed in four years. More Information:

4  In today’s employment conditions, the profession of an ultrasound technician is one of the best career choices for any student or graduate. The ever-expanding medical industry has wide career opportunities for ultrasound technicians and x-ray technicians. The job of an ultrasound tech or x-ray tech is very dynamic, requiring them to be strong in the technical side of their profession which includes the use of ultrasound machinery and equipment. They are also required to be interactive and friendly with patients to give them a hassle free and relaxed diagnosis.  Beside enjoying a high baseline salary, ranging from $44,900 – $88,490, ultrasound technologists also have the fortuitous ability for career advancement. Some technicians can transition into alternative medical imaging specialization (i.e., CT and/or MRI scans) either through continued education classes or on-the-job-training. Other options for upward mobility are administrative or managerial vocations.

5  A professional ultrasound technician controls specific diagnostic imaging tools that use waves of the sound to get an exact picture of what is happening inside the body of patient. The machines of ultrasound infer the replicated sound waves they produce into live images that can be traced for review by patients or doctors. The very illustrious example of their use is in picture of unborn babies to notice any possible health related problems even as in utero. There are several other cases like investigating abdominal areas for liver, spleen, or diseases of the kidney and checking for heart complications or brain trauma. Ultrasound tech can even be utilized to detect the cancer in different parts of the human body.ultrasound technician


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