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Erwin Lassooij PBN Programme Manager 30 January 2014

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1 Erwin Lassooij PBN Programme Manager 30 January 2014
UAE GO TEAM VISIT 2014 Visit Summary Erwin Lassooij PBN Programme Manager 30 January 2014

2 Purpose Increase the global implementation of PBN through:
Improved capability in the use of the PBN concept in planning / designing airspace Improved capability in approving PBN Operations (Operations Approvals)



5 41%

6 MID implementation status
Dec 2014 Dec 2013

7 Participation Bahrain Iraq Sudan UAE

8 Go-Team Overview 10 day PBN Airspace Design Workshop
ICAO Doc 9992: PBN in Airspace Design Plan, Design, Validate, Implement 17 steps Integration of ICAO Doc 9931 & 9993: CDO and CCO ICAO Circ 330: Civil / Miitary Cooperation in ATM Designed routes and airspace in TMA “Centerville”: Civil / Military: Conditional Routes - CDR 1, 2, 3 Routes designed for dual airports Phuket / Krabi Enroute design and multi-TMA integration practice Southeast Asia

9 Lessons Learned Team concept: diverse points of view and sources of information add strength Setting goals and scope early helps insure success Smaller projects allow for quick success Take advantage of RNAV flexibility to design for shortest route Design routes first then design airspace to contain routes Design routes to minimize conflicts Avoid the 100% trap – 80% of something is better than 100% of nothing Rightsize the airspace according to tasks required Avoid CDO route shortcuts to the extent possible Shortcut CCO to the extent possible

10 Next Steps Encourage participants to apply lessons learned in adapting PBN plan and Implement PBN targets Submit PBN plans as per June 2014 (PBN Sub group) ICAO Regional Office Follow-up with letter to DG on focus points First level of support

11 Next steps - assistance
ICAO Regional Office with assistance from experts out of the Region through Regional Go-Teams 2014 Oman Jordan (Ops Approval only) Qatar Egypt ICAO HQ Standards and guidance material Customized Go Teams

12 PBN Products to help you with implementation
PBN related Publications and Annexes Bundled specifically for Stakeholders Hard and soft copies eLibrary Solutions PBN ikit CBT Training (iLearn)

13 eLibrary Built for Stakeholders
Simplifies search for relevant PBN information From all ICAO Documentation By March, 3 eLibrary based bundles: PBN for Regulators (PBN_REGS) PBN for ANSP-Airspace Designers (PBN_ANSP_AD) PBN for Aircraft Operators (PBN_AC_OPS) More stakeholder bundles to follow: Executives Manufacturers ANSPs – Master, AIM/AIS, ATC, Instrument Flight Procedures Available through ICAO e-store:

14 Documentation Framework
PANS Ops Volume II PBN Manual (Doc 9613) 4th Edition RNP AR Procedure Design Manual (Doc 9905) PBN Ops Approval Manual (Doc 9997) Manual on Use of PBN in Airspace Design (Doc 9992) CDO Manual (Doc 9931) CCO Manual (Doc 9993 GNSS Manual (Doc 9849) Procedure QA Manual (Vol 1 to Vol 6) (Doc 9906) 4th Edition In 2008 the PBN manual was published which provides the framework for PBN implementation: Volume 1 of this manual describes the concepts, the processes to be followed and short descriptions of all required stakeholders Volume 2 provides the navigation specifications which are the basis for operational requirements and ops approval for aircraft. These ops requirements are also the basis for the navigation applications such as flight procedures and separation and route spacing requirements. This linkage is very important, because now we can make the airspace design fit the fleet capability and not the other way around. Since the introduction of the PBN manual, the ICAO Annexes have been amended to support the PBN concept, procedures have been amended to support obstacle clearance and separation requirements and a host of new guidance in the form of new manuals. The original PBN manual contained globally harmonized requirements that were based on specifications that already pre-existed on a national or Rgional level. [CLICK] Now, the latest is the new PBN manual which includes new navspecs, such as Advanced RNP, RNP 2, RNP 0.3 for helis and RF legs. For sure this will be discussed in more detail later in the sessions.

15 The Future of PBN GO Teams
One more GO Team visit planned under Phase II China (Dates and location TBD) Future GO Team Visits will be specific to Region and State requirements for PBN Implementation On request basis Focus/Services provided will be: PBN Assessments/Gap Analysis PBN Plans Training Implementation Assistance Completed Global Visits Phase (I and II) Thailand (2) UAE (2) Mexico Kenya Germany India Ecuador Russia South Africa USA (CAR/SAM)


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