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Logo/Name RedHouse Associates Business Plan Template.

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1 Logo/Name RedHouse Associates Business Plan Template

2 Logo/Name Template Instructions 1. Use this guide to help structure your information Your goal is to tell a story about your company, the customer problem, your solution, the market size, and what is needed to move forward. 2. Edit Company Name in Slide Master and choose the PowerPoint templates for your presentation. 3. Add your information to each slide © 2011 RedHouse Associates 2

3 Logo/Name Company Profile One Line Pitch What is the Tag Line for your business Summarize the Business © 2011 RedHouse Associates 3

4 Logo/Name The People List Names and Titles of management Team What makes your management team most qualified to build this business? © 2011 RedHouse Associates 4

5 Logo/Name Customer Problem What is the problem you are solving? Use Diagrams to tell the story Who is the Buyer? What existing tools are currently available? © 2011 RedHouse Associates 5

6 Logo/Name The Solution Describe the Products and Services you sell © 2011 RedHouse Associates 6

7 Logo/Name Target Market Market Landscape, Size, and Demographics Current or Potential Customers © 2011 RedHouse Associates 7

8 Logo/Name The Product Roadmap Describe the Business Model, Product Roadmap & Timeline © 2011 RedHouse Associates 8 20132012 2011 Product Version 3 Prod Version 2 Product Version 1 Product Features Spring Summer Winter Product Features Product Sub-Features Product Features Product Sub-Features Product Features Product Sub-Features Product Features Product Sub-Features Product Features Product Sub-Features Product Features Product Sub-Features Complete Product Features

9 Logo/Name Competition Describe the competitive landscape List your competitors List Competitive Advantage List Barriers to entry Use Diagrams: © 2011 RedHouse Associates 9 Your Solution Company 1 Company 2 Company 3 Company 4 Company 5 Solution Attribute 1 Solution Attribute 2 Solution Attribute 3 Solution Attribute 4 Solution Attribute 5 Solution Attribute 6 Solution Attribute 7

10 Logo/Name Sales & Marketing Strategy Describe the Go to Market Plans © 2011 RedHouse Associates 10

11 Logo/Name Financials Explain financial forecast information by year. © 2011 RedHouse Associates 11 201020112012201320142015 Revenues Expenses Profit/Loss Headcount

12 Logo/Name Funding Requirements Previous Capital and Investors Capital Seeking Pre-money Valuation Use of Proceeds Future Funding Requirements © 2011 RedHouse Associates 12

13 Logo/Name Summary Summarize the main points of your presentation. Next Steps © 2011 RedHouse Associates 13

14 Logo/Name Company Profile Contact Information: Company Name Entrepreneur First/Last Name Entrepreneur Email Address Company Address Phone Number Fax Number Company Logo © 2011 RedHouse Associates 14 Company Profile: Number of Employees Founded Date Industry Referred By Previous Investors Lawyer Accountant

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