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High-speed washer-extractor

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1 High-speed washer-extractor
WFEC WFEC WFEC 18 High-speed washer-extractor High-speed washer-extractor

2 General Information WFEC Washing machines of the latest generation, require very little assistance while keeping maintenance and overall dimensions to a minimum. The built-in electronic control equipment combines simple use and versatility, so that these machines can suit the most varied washing requirements. The entire WFEC series complies with the safety standards in force and is CE-certified.

3 General Information WFEC The tub and drum of this high-speed washer range are mounted on vibration dampers. Motor control is performed by an inverter that ensures that all machine starts and stops are gradual.

4 Features and plusses WFEC Hard water, soft water and warm water inlets are separate, so that machine washing time and consumption are optimized. Given the machine’s large capacity, water is gravity-drained. This is how large volumes of water are drained in just a few seconds.

5 Features and plusses WFEC Water consumption is as little as liters per kilo of laundry. Since the machine is fed with warm water, its heating system gets powered for a few minutes only. These features, in addition to a suitably sized heating power result in reduced operating time and low energy consumption. A 60°C cycle is actually carried out in 50 min.

6 Features and plusses WFEC The incorporation of an electronic control system simplifies machine use and enables the technician to draw up custom-made wash diagrams For these purposes, just download the shareware software from our website and purchase the appropriate interface cable. This is how changing wash diagrams at will becomes possible.

7 Possible uses WFEC This range of washing machines is widely used in hotel facilities and as complementary equipment in dry cleaners’. A versatile electronic control system enables the making of wash diagrams to suit whatever fabric type or use.

8 Possible uses These are some application examples:
WFEC These are some application examples: Industrial laundry plants Hotel valet service Restaurants Communities Hospitals Nursing homes Sports clubs Factories Self-service laundries, launderettes etc.

9 Technical specifications
WFEC MODEL WFEC8 WFEC11 WFEC18 LAUNDRY LOAD Kg 7,3 9,5 16,5 G FACTOR 296 363 WATER CONSUMPTION 79 liters/cycle 113 liters/cycle 137 liters/Cycle POWER SUPPLY 400/3/50-60Hz RATED OUTPUT 6750W 9750W 13500W INSTALLATION DIAGRAM

10 Availability WFEC Standard machines are ready for delivery at our finished-product warehouses.

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