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Industrial Wastewater treatment solutions Wastewater treatment is simple and easy..

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1 Industrial Wastewater treatment solutions Wastewater treatment is simple and easy..

2 We strive for best combination for our customers : The most economical, efficient and low running cost solutions! High organic overload removal Our technologies, plants, separators and traps Fuel & mineral oil Separators Mineral oil & Fuel Separators Electro coagulators Oil & grease separators Fat & grease Traps DAF DAFplants

3 Mineral oil & Fuel FuelSeparators separator MOS 2100 separator separator MOS C 15 separator separator MOS 15 separator separator MOS 5 separator

4 Fuel separator MOS 2100 Fuel separator Emergency blockade device. Special absorbing filter Coalescent unit Gas stationsGarages rinsing water treatment Our unique solutions for Gas stations and Garages rinsing water treatment fit current and futuristic regulations demands!

5 Coalescent separator MOS C 15 Coalescent separator Our Coalistcentic units & plants are the most efficient separators for mineral oil - you can define the influent quality level by adding absorbing phase to the basic solution!

6 Mineral oil separator MOS 5 Mineral oil separator Mineral oil separator Our design of the Mineral oil separator enables us to produce a small volume trap for large wastewater capacity with minimum service time!

7 separator MOS 15 separator Crude oil removal device The special Crude oil removal device in our separators enable us to fix the thickness of crude oil float that will be removed!

8 FGT 2 - 7 Fat & grease Tarps Our Fat & Grease traps Are pre treatment solutions for Food industry wastewater & restaurants, hotels, garages gas stations We design and produce theses separators for any capacity required FGT 2 installed in a restaurant FGT 2 installatio n position

9 DAF 5 – 100 Dissolved Air Flotation plants Low energy consumption

10 Wastewater Buffer tanks Wastewate r pump Air pump Chemical s container s Static mixer Wastewater inlet with dissolved air and chemicals Our unique “ Skimmer ” Wet sludge Containe r Filter press for the sludge Dry sludge Containe r DAF 20 OU

11 DAF 100 RU DAF 45 RU

12 Electro coagulators Coal Rinsing Water Treatment Car Wash Water Treatment

13 Coal Rinsing Water Treatment

14 Car Wash Rinsing Water Treatment

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