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DRESS ME UP! By: Brittany Allen-Robertson. Polka Dot High-Low Dresses!

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1 DRESS ME UP! By: Brittany Allen-Robertson

2 Polka Dot High-Low Dresses!

3 Target Market: Empowering, virtuous, respectful & influential women leaders in the school community that are fashion savvy and aware of themselves and their identity.

4 My Customer Profile Economic Level: middle to upper class Age: 18 to 21 Sex: Females Income level: $6,000-$10,800 Habits: Dinning, entertainment, shopping, and enjoys being outside Work: Forever 21, H&M, Nordstrom, and Macys Shop: Low-middle profile retail establishments Location: San Diego and San Marcos area

5 The History of Dresses

6 Togas & Tunics! Women wore stolas Rome & Greece had similar clothing Natural colored and very thin Different social classes wore different type of fabrics Ancient Rome

7 Egyptian Influence Accessorized with a lot a jewelry Wide variety of beads, stones and colors Limited fabric choice due to surrounding environment Very sexy style of dresses fashion-influence-today

8 19th Century France The Empress Josephine This style of dress became very popular Inspired by neoclassical styles Based off of home décor and costume design Waistlines were high Silhouette was very sleek Early-19th-Century-Regency-and-Romantic-Styles

9 Empire/Regency style of Dresses High waist dress Showing off natural figure Popular for the past 200 years Widely used in fashion Thin fabric, very fine Day dresses-higher neckline Night dresses- lower neckline

10 Flappers – 1920s Loose fitted Straight Worn with stockings Flap to show off their legs Usually worn just below the knee

11 High-Low dresses for fall 2012 My Prediction;

12 The Fashion Cycle

13 Rough Graph

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