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Jason Wu Spring 2012 Spring 2012 By Jennie Garza.

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1 Jason Wu Spring 2012 Spring 2012 By Jennie Garza

2 Mood, theme, TARGET MARKET Mood -The mood of this collection is very feminine and flowy. It encompasses a girly, light feeling that provides a variety of textures and patterns. Theme - Because spring is coming up, a theme that can be found in this series is relaxation. Target market - These clothes could be warn by a wide range of women. The target market could range through the ages of 20-40.

3 Jason Wu: Spring 2012 collection e/slideshow/S2012RTW- JASONWU?event=show2342&designer=design _house1157&trend=&iphoto=0#slide=31 e/slideshow/S2012RTW- JASONWU?event=show2342&designer=design _house1157&trend=&iphoto=0#slide=31


5 Flat sketches

6 Line In Jason Wus Spring 2012 collection, lines are used to guide the eye to slim the waist as well as emphasize it. Vertical lines are used in pin tucking and pin stripes to elongate and slim the figure. In some of his designs, he uses horizontal lines on the tops, using different widths of lines so it doesnt create a bulky, broadening effect. Belts are also incorporated into the outfits to form a slimming effect on the waist.

7 Form Wus designs incorporate a lot of peplums in jackets, tops and skirts which creates volume around the person wearing the clothing. The flared dresses also create a lot of hollow space around the body but generate volume as well.

8 Shape The shapes that can subtly be seen in these designs are triangles. In the tops, they dont exactly broaden the shoulders but the waist is always slimmed. The bottoms of the skirts and dresses can be described as a triangle because the are fitted to the waist and flare out towards the bottom to add fullness.

9 Shape Shapes that can be found are tight rectangles, squares and pentagons. These shapes can be found in the tight fitting shorts and the trousers. A majority of the silhouettes are modified A- line.

10 Space Fullness in the skirts and peplums create a significant amount of space around the persons hips and legs when wearing these garments.

11 Texture flowy sheer Stiff shiny Starched matte Soft rough crinkly hairy Crisp bumpy frayed nubby puckered

12 Texture There is a wide range of textures in this spring line. Some of the garments are made out of sheer, light and flowy fabrics which are textures on their own, while other garments actually have details that are physically bumpy and raised to create a rough and fuzzy texture that you can see and feel.

13 Light The materials used to create the garments have a shimmery effect to them which reflect light making the garments look shiny. Other materials have a frayed texture to them, creating a more muted light reflection but still giving it a little sparkle.

14 Pattern The physical patterns to these garments are mostly form fitting around the waist, using darts and other forms of fitting techniques to tightly fit the body. Flares in certain spots on the boy such as hips emphasize these body parts and slim others. Patterns as far as the prints actually on the clothing are natural and realistic looking flowers to bring in the spring spirit of his collection. Subtle uses of polka dots are used as well.

15 Color and Value Many of the outfits are monochromatic, using blacks, whites and grays. Analogous colors are also used in the mixture of blues and greens. Bright pinks and greens are mixed with black in outfits as well. The value of these colors are mixed. There are lights found in the light pinks and blues and darks found in the blacks and grays.

16 Albino: Contrast Collection

17 Mood, theme, target market Mood - This collection is strong with its lines and colors Theme - Layers and fabric being used to create floral illusions Target market - women ages 20-40. The clothing is not as practical as Jason Wus. A lot of this clothing has to have a right time and place to be worn.

18 Jason wu vs. Albino Line - Most of this collection does not define the waist like Jason Wus collection does. The lines are very straight and strong which lead the eye away from the body. Most of the clothing begin slimmest at the shoulder and flare out toward the ground.

19 Form, shape and space Form - layers integrated in the collection create volume Shape - the silhouette of these designs are a lot of modified A- line shaped beginning at the shoulders as well as tubular silhouettes. Space - The garments are very loose fitting and have a lot of space around the lower half of the body. There is not a lot of fitting in these clothes, the waist-line is rarely defined.

20 texture and light Textures found in this collection: – Bumpy – Rough – Soft – Shiny – Stiff Light - on the material that is bunched up, it fools the eye into thinking that the multiple colors being used looks like its reflecting light. On the skirt material above to the right, light bounced off the fabric making it look shiny. The tulle used for the under layer in the black dress, is not shiny because of the small holes absorbing the light.

21 Pattern The patterns used to make these garments are loose fitting. Most of the clothes have multiple layers. Abstract floral patterns are created by the bunching and placement sheer fabrics and tulle. Many of the black and white flowers are large and found on the skirt. The bunchy fabrics are floral inspired looking like a field on flowers.

22 Color and value Monochromatic colors are the majority of this collection, but there are royal blues, peaches, browns, and tans that pop in every now and then. Values in the colors are mostly dark. Blacks and grays mix with whites getting a rang of colors. Blues stay in the dark shades. A range of hues can easily be found in the peach dresses with the bunchy fabric. Almost tie-die like. Starting off with a light hue of peach and ending in a dark hue of pink.

23 Jason wu vs. albino Jason Wus collection is very practical. The clothing is made to be able to wear anywhere without a certain occasion to be worn to. His fabrics are very flowy and voluminous, but his garments focus a lot on slimming the waist. Albino is not as focused on slimming the waist, rather he creates a lot of volume by using layers and a-line flares. Their color schemes are similar in some monochromatic garments, but while Jason Wu uses bright greens, pinks and yellow on some garments, the brightest Albino gets are his peachy hues.

24 References – Jason wu (spring 2012 RTW) – Albino (spring 2012 RTW)

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