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Defence Procurement in Finland

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1 Defence Procurement in Finland
NAD Raimo Jyväsjärvi Ministry of Defence of Finland

2 Development of Finnish Defence Forces - key elements


4 Defence Report and related reviews

5 Securing the Finnish Defence Technological and Industrial Base
Critical capability areas: 1. Command, Control, Communications, Computers (C4) 2. Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) 3. Engagement 4. Protection Important technology and engineering areas: 1. Technologies and engineering related to C4 and ISTAR 2. Material technology and structural engineering 3. Technologies and engineering for multi-technology systems 4. Bio and chemical technologies and engineering

6 Finnish Defence Materiel Policy; key principles
interoperability cost-effectiveness life-cycle support and military security of supply competition transparency, equal treatment and non-discrimination


8 Squadron 2020

9 Demand for capabilities
The main area of operation is the Baltic Sea Capabilities are needed for staying at sea for long periods and all year-round operation operating at the open seas generating a situation picture laying naval mines surface countermeasures and ground-to-air defence anti-submarine warfare supporting other services supporting other authorities crisis management


11 Hornet F-18C/D fleet will be replaced 2025 - 2030
The multi role fighter capability is an integral part of the national defence system A credible number of modern multi-role fighters shall provide: Control of national airspace Protection and support of land and sea operations Maintain long range strike capability Provide a high threshold against aggression The multi-role fighters shall stay on par with the evolving threat environment

12 HX candidates

13 Other Development Areas

14 Thank you!

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