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Procurement Card Presented By: Denise Matias, CAH March 20, 2013.

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1 Procurement Card Presented By: Denise Matias, CAH March 20, 2013

2 Cardholder Profile/PCard Application To request a procurement card (p-card) for your area, approval is first needed from the Dean/or Dean Designee in the CAH Deans office. Once approval is received, the person requesting the pcard will need to go to F&A website at: http:/// Read over course preview and follow guidelines on how to register for course. http:/// After training is finished, please complete the following forms located at: Once the forms have the appropriate departmental signatures, please send them to CAH Accountant (currently Denise Matias): – Cardholder Agreement – Cardholder Profile/Pcard Application – Departmental Authorization Security Access Ethics Certification F&A has been notified and they will not process the paperwork without CAH approval.

3 General Guidelines The procurement card manual for card holders is located on the F&A website at: blications/Publications.cfm blications/Publications.cfm Your area should have a written procedure for the processing of pcard transactions.

4 General Guidelines Pcard administrators office should be notified immediately when there is a change in the cardholders status, (i.e. terminations, transfers, retirement, change in duties, etc.) A list of cardholders and the card numbers for all cardholders in your dept./program are to be kept in a secure location. At the minimum, a disputed transaction log must be kept.

5 General Guidelines When a Material & Supply fee funding number is used for a charge, you must reference the course or courses the purchase is related to. The course info will go on the same line where you put the description of the item(s) purchased.

6 Cardholder Responsibilities Make sure sufficient funds are available Items to be purchased must not be on the prohibited transaction list. The list is found at: blications/prohibuses.pdf blications/prohibuses.pdf

7 Cardholder Responsibilities If you would like to request an exemption to this list, please contact Denise Matias. Periodically review the Departmental Purchasing Procedures/Forms in the Cardholder Instructions Manual. Protect your PCard and do not give the number out for others to use.

8 Cardholder – Using Card Check receipt to ensure no state tax has been charged. If needed, the Tax exempt form is located at: blications/DR14.pdf blications/DR14.pdf Obtain a detailed receipt indicating what was purchased and make sure the original receipt is stamped with the proper information:

9 Example

10 Cardholder – Using Card Fill out the appropriate lines on the stamp that goes along with the item purchased. If not sure what account number to use go to: look under UCF Financials Chartfields Lists and select List of Accounts A purchase should never be split to avoid card limits or to make a purchase appear to be a non-tagable item. Never use the card for personal expense.

11 Cardholder – Post Purchase The original receipt and backup are to be given to the approver within 24 hours of purchase. This may help to prevent the receipt from getting lost. If a person is traveling for any length of time, approved receipts should be faxed to the approver so that the approvals will be done in a timely manner. If this is not possible, the receipts should be given to the approver within 3 days of the travelers return. When a rebate or refund is involved, the information must be given to the approver for tracking purposes.

12 Approvers Guide The approver should verify that all documentation submitted does contain appropriate, and correct, information. The approver should NOT approve purchases without the necessary documentation to support the approval. Any purchase receipts $5,000 or over, must be faxed to F&A (2-2245) or may be attached on Peoplesoft.

13 Example


15 Approvers Guide A short description in the Description field must be provided showing what the purchase represents. For example: for a travel charge, give the last name of the traveler and product description; Doe/Airline Ticket.

16 Approvers Guide For travel receipts purchased with a pcard: copies are to be sent to the travel department for further processing. Asset purchases must be coded correctly and the information linked to Asset Management. (write in the comment box where the item is located) The approver manages the files and maintains the appropriate logs for disputed transactions, credit and/or rebates, etc.

17 Approvers Guide The approver will follow the guidelines as set forth in the training guide located at: blications/FPO126_Training_Guide.pdf blications/FPO126_Training_Guide.pdf If a charge is not approved within 10 days pcard statements (F&A) will send out a suspension notification e-mail.

18 Card Receipt Retention Upon receipt of the monthly Bank of America statement the PCard holder should place all of the original receipts, for transactions listed, behind the statement in order (as shown on the statement). Complete the PCard Statement Certification form found at: atement_Certification.pdf and submit to F&A. atement_Certification.pdf

19 CAH Policy: Not only should the Pcard Statement Certification form and appropriate receipts be sent to F&A, it is also mandatory they are e- mailed to Denise Matias, CAH Deans Office. ALL Pcard forms must come through the CAH Deans office. Please send them to the CAH Accountant (currently Denise Matias)

20 CAH Policy: When an employee who has a pcard, leaves the department/program, the pcard must be cut in half and the Cardholder Profile form completed to close out the account. – Send the card and form to CAH Accountant, Denise Matias – Paperwork will be hand delivered to F&A

21 Card Receipt Retention For almost all cases, the reconciler signature line on the PCard Statement Certification form should be signed by the approver. Please black-out or white-out the account numbers on the bottom of the bank statement. Any receipts that are not 8 1/2 x 11 are to be taped to an 8 1/2 x 11 blank sheet (or the back of scrap paper to save paper).

22 Card Receipt Retention There are two options for submission to F&A: 1. Scan the entire packet (Certification form, monthly statement, and receipts) and submit to (limit 2MB) 2. Entire packet can be sent via intercampus mail in an envelope marked F&A PCard Statements +0975. (Within 30 days of statement close date)

23 Common Mistakes Make sure to use the pcard stamp on receipts. Credit card number not blacked out on receipts. Account codes used improperly. Account number used on stamp is correct but not entered correctly by approver and vice versa. Travel pcard receipts not properly approved. Not marking on the receipt when tax credit has been requested.



26 Website Reference Finance and Accounting Go to F&A website and select line for accounts payable for Procurement Card information Addy Notes for Procurement Card

27 Any Questions???

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