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Creating memories for a lifetime Your sports photography professionals Locally owned and operated, not a franchise. Professionally trained photographers.

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2 Creating memories for a lifetime

3 Your sports photography professionals Locally owned and operated, not a franchise. Professionally trained photographers Quality state of the art products Outstanding customer service Dependable delivery 100% guarantee Hassle free picture days- full service

4 Why accept this? shadows wall for a background When you can have this!

5 Uses professional backgrounds and green screen technology when needed.

6 N the Zone products are produced on professional Kodak paper Photographers are professionally trained and work with each child to get the best expression possible. 100% satisfaction guaranteed N the Zone knows time is of the essence on picture day and games need to run on-time. We provide adequate staffing to assure that pictures are not holding up your games while not sacrificing quality in the process. Many companies do not bring enough photographers or crew members to run a shoot adequately. Each of our photographers has an assistant and each shoot has a table person able to assist your parents with questions and take payments. At larger shoots a setup person is provided to help with flow.

7 Products Dont settle for this N the Zone offers the composite memory mate, a 8x10 print with graphics. Team name Color changing graphics Sport specific Easy to frame 8x10 Add your league logo

8 N the Zone has over 45 templates to choose from!

9 N the Zone adds new products each year!

10 N the Zone has teamed up with some popular sports companies to offer your parents some of the latest product lines.

11 Why hire N the Zone? N the Zone provides a hassle free picture day. We do all the work! We write the picture day schedule N the Zone will be setup behind the Carpenter Rec. Center Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to scheduled picture time for check-in. DateGame TimeDivisionTeam NamePicture Time 10/15/20118:00 AMU09GLadybugs after game 10/15/20119:15 AMU09BDragons Ivy School 8:15 AM 10/15/20119:15 AMU09BVipers 8:15 AM 10/15/20119:15 AMU09GScream 8:25 AM 10/15/20119:15 AMU09GKangaroos 8:25 AM 10/15/20119:15 AMU10BHALO 8:35 AM 10/15/20119:15 AMU10BLonghorns 8:35 AM 10/15/20119:30 AMU12BPlano Eagles 8:45 AM 10/15/20119:30 AMU12BWild Kicks 8:45 AM 10/15/20119:30 AMU12GHot Tamales 8:55 AM 10/15/20119:30 AMU12GBlue Dolphins 8:55 AM 10/15/201110:30 AMU09BWolves 9:30 AM 10/15/201110:30 AMU09BLions 9:30 AM 10/15/201110:30 AMU09GCheetahs 9:40 AM 10/15/201110:30 AMU09GWildcats 9:40 AM 10/15/201110:30 AMU10BCheetahs 9:50 AM 10/15/201110:30 AMU10BTigers 9:50 AM 10/15/201111:00 AMU12BLightning 10:00 AM 10/15/201111:00 AMU12BTitans 10:00 AM 10/15/201111:00 AMU12BPirates 10:10 AM 10/15/201111:00 AMU12BBombers 10:10 AM 10/15/201111:45 AMU09BPlano Inter 10:45 AM 10/15/201111:45 AMU09BBolts 10:45 AM 10/15/201111:45 AMU09GBlue Tigers 10:55 AM 10/15/201111:45 AMU09GButterflies 10:55 AM 10/15/201111:45 AMU10BHawks 11:05 AM 10/15/201111:45 AMU10BPlano United FC 11:05 AM 10/15/201112:30 PMU12BThomas Tigers 11:30 AM 10/15/201112:30 PMU12BEagles 11:30 AM 10/15/201112:30 PMU12GMelissa SC 11:40 AM 10/15/201112:30 PMU12GXtreme Heat 11:40 AM 10/15/20111:00 PMU10BSharks 12:00 PM 10/15/20111:00 PMU10BRed Raiders 12:00 PM 10/15/20111:00 PMU10GRock Stars 12:10 PM 10/15/20111:00 PMU10GEagles 12:20 PM 10/15/20112:00 PMU12BTitans-PASO 12:50 PM 10/15/20112:00 PMU12BRockets 12:50 PM 10/15/20112:00 PMU12GMustangs 1:00 PM 10/15/20112:00 PMU12GShooting Stars 1:10 PM 10/15/20112:15 PMU10GFire Crackers 1:30 PM 10/15/20112:15 PMU10GCyclones 1:40 PM 10/15/20112:15 PMU10GStars 1:20 PM 10/15/20112:15 PMU10GPonies 1:20 PM 10/15/20113:30 PMU12BWranglers 2:20 PM 10/15/20113:30 PMU12BFire 2:30 PM 10/15/20113:30 PMU12GStorm 2:40 PM Provide plenty of staff

12 N the Zone offers 3 delivery options Ship to home- each order is mailed directly to each childs home (additional charges apply) Mail to coach- each team is shipped to the coach N the Zone staff passes out on game day

13 Each order is individually packaged with a reorder sheet containing our contact information and the original order-form (most orders). Each team is packaged by team with a spread sheet with contents listed. Each summary contains job number, division, team name, coaches name and league name. Have a request, teams can be boxed to your request.

14 N the Zone offers parents the protection and benefit of online reorders for up to one year. Each order receives a reorder form with complete order instructions. N the Zone contact information is listed for any questions that may arise. Each order has a 18 digit encrypted access key, not like many companies who post every photo online for the world to access. Parents may distribute the reorder information to family and friends for additional orders. All reorders are sent directly to the purchaser. N the Zone believes that we play a vital part in the safety of the children that we photograph. Directly to purchaser

15 N the Zone has one of the most innovated databases in the industry allowing us to service our customers problems in real time. N the Zone database contains everything we need to take care of the customer. All order forms are computer scanned and computer recognition software fills in the appropriate fields. We can pull up a childs order on our screen within seconds. All reference information is at our disposal including a copy of the parents order form, team picture, and the child's photo. All corrections are produced and mailed within 1- 3 business days. These orders are mailed directly to the parents at our cost. No more waiting 3 weeks to get a problem resolved

16 N the Zone offers parents and coaches 24/7 access to customer service, by accessing our website.

17 You do it so why dont we? Well N the Zone does, we run a criminal and sex offender background check on every photographer. For your protection and ours, N the Zone carries a $1,000,000.00 liability insurance policy. N the Zone gives your parents the opportunity to use their credit or debit cards to make their purchases. We use credit card machines at our shoots to help eliminate the opportunity for identity theft. Other companies have you write down your number on the order form for whoever to see and increase your chances for problems.

18 The products page helps parents determine product selectionParents can download printable order forms from the site Re-order tab takes customers to a secure reorder page, they must enter access key 555 Type in the order form code

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