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Transition to Year 3. Introducing the Team… Mrs Ford & Mrs Hunt: Team Leaders Mrs Newbolt.

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1 Transition to Year 3

2 Introducing the Team… Mrs Ford & Mrs Hunt: Team Leaders Mrs Newbolt

3 Introducing the Team… Mrs Gregory Mrs Froughi

4 Introducing the Team… Miss Davies Mrs Dobson

5 Our Aims… In Year 3 we aim to: Ensure a smooth transition between Year 2 and Year 3 Ensure that all children are happy and settled in KS2 Encourage independence and develop thinking skills Enable all children to achieve their full potential Welcome parental involvement

6 Home School communication End of day routines: Class Teacher will lead class onto middle playground and release child to Parent/carer (unless alternative arrangements have been made). Please let us know via blue books if you want your child to meet you elsewhere. Please use this time as an opportunity for face to face contact with your class Teacher. Please feel free to come and introduce yourself at any time. Home School liaison books: These will be checked everyday.

7 Timings The timings for the school day… 8:40 – 8:55 Arrive at school. 10:30 or 11:00 Assembly. 10:45 or 11:15 Morning break. 12:30 – 1:20 Lunch time (later). 3:20 School finishes (later).

8 Snacks and drinks Children need a water bottle with a sports cap for class drinking. Please bring in an empty water bottle on Monday to fill up in School and this will come home on a Friday. A water fountain is also available. Snacks are encouraged as lunch time is later in Key Stage 2. This snack must be a piece of fruit or vegetable as they have been having in KS1.

9 Reading Reading – Read/Write Inc and reading at home. Please continue to come in and support children during guided reading as you do already. New helpers are always welcome and full training will be given. Individual reading books chosen from a box of level-appropriate books. These should go home each evening. Children no longer on the read/write scheme will also choose from a box of level-appropriate books to change once finished. We encourage all children to read aloud regularly at home with an adult. Please support us by signing their Reading Records and adding any comments. These are checked once a week by the class teacher.

10 The Library Children select their own books and check them out. Borrowing time is 2 weeks. Children have more choice when choosing these books so they have a chance to select books linked to their interests. They can bring them home to share with you and read together. Please ensure they are returned.

11 What else will we need? Continue with a book bag. Drawstring P.E. bag with kit, including trainers, label clothing.

12 Possible Topics. Autumn – Our class country; Dragons and Castles Spring – Africa Summer – Greece You will receive more information on these topics each term, these may change based on the childrens interests and learning needs. If you have any expertise, knowledge or artefacts linked to any of our topics we would love to involve you!

13 Violin Lessons. We will all be learning to play the violin with Mrs Litherland-Todd from the West Sussex Music Service. The loan of a violin is free but we ask parents / guardians to confirm that they will be responsible for any damage or repairs. You will be invited to watch the children play three times during the year.

14 Can you help? YES PLEASE! In school – As you do already with reading or other activities such as art, sewing, D.T. etc. Classroom sign up sheet -Each class will have a half termly sign up sheet. Please feel free to sign up or put a note in your childs home school liaison book. At home – talking about what your child has been doing; visiting places linked to our topics; reading and sharing books; learning multiplication tables (2s,5s and 10s) and other number facts (number bonds to 20); building independence; giving responsibility.

15 Transition We have met with your childs current teacher to discuss each childs personal, social, emotional and academic development. Discussing where they are currently and their next steps. If they have Special Educational Needs we have discussed these and know the support they require. The learning environment in Year 3 with be a continuation of Year 2 in terms of classroom areas, use of communal areas and the outdoors. There will continue to be opportunities to mix with other classes in the year group.

16 Thank you and welcome to Year 3! Please sign up if you are able to help with reading and at any other times. Any questions?

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