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Applied Sport and Exercise Science with Coaching

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1 Applied Sport and Exercise Science with Coaching
A new grade 10 Physical Education opportunity!

2 What’s it all about? The course is a new course (designed by YIS PE faculty) being run for the first time in 2011/2012. It will include some elements of the old IGCSE PE course but will include new elements such as sport analysis, sport psychology and even some coaching theory and practice. Ever think your coach doesn’t know anything? Well this is an opportunity to see how difficult it is being a coach...

3 Course Details Grade 10 Applied Sports Science with Coaching is a one-year course. It aims to provide an introductory understanding of contemporary scientific theory and practice, underpinning the participation, performance and organisation of sport and exercise. It will introduce knowledge of physiological, psychological and sociological components in an applied setting. In addition, the course will provide students with an opportunity to learn about the role of the sports coach and gain practical coaching experience. Students will be assessed through the development of an electronic portfolio, showing understanding of athlete analysis and development.

4 What will we study? Anatomy and Physiology Sports Psychology
Sports Training Sports Sociology Methods of Coaching Theory and Practice

5 How much time will we get?
In addition to your regular double PE lesson you will get 2 extra double periods a week for ASESwC....Some of that will be spent in the classroom doing theory and some of it will be practical...

6 You will be assessed through a Sports Science Blog
Is it Assessed? You will be assessed through a Sports Science Blog that will act as your own personal record of analysis and performance .... No Exams like the IGCSE....

7 Why Study Sport? Sport is an emerging industry. There are so many employment opportunities through sport....who too could become a wealthy PE teacher! Sports Science University courses around the world are becoming more and more popular and over subscribed..never thought about doing some thing like sport at university..who knows it might be for you?

8 Questions

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