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School and Physical Education

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1 School and Physical Education

2 The Healthy Schools Programme has been introduced nationally into schools. Explain what the Healthy Schools Programme is. (2 marks) • A long-term government initiative/ designed to make a significant difference to the health and achievement of children and young people. • Young people should then be able to make informed health and life choices/ in order to reach their full potential. • It involves a whole school approach/ to physical, emotional and social wellbeing focused on four core themes.

3 There are four core themes in the Healthy Schools Programme
There are four core themes in the Healthy Schools Programme. Name two of the four core themes and describe their importance. (4 marks) Award one mark for each of the four core themes named correctly (maximum of 2) and one further mark per core theme for describing it: • personal, social and health education/ incorporating Sex and Relationship Education/ also the five national outcomes of 'Every Child Matters' for children/ making a positive contribution to economic wellbeing • healthy eating/ to give the confidence, skills, knowledge and understanding to make healthy food choices/ ensure that healthy and nutritious food and drink is available across the school day./ Working with School Food Trust to support healthy eating • physical activity/ making sure this contributes significantly to the 'being healthy' national outcome for children/ that young people are provided with a range of opportunities to be physically active • emotional health and wellbeing/ linked to the five national outcomes for children and young people/ helping children and young people understand and express their feelings/ build their confidence/ and emotional resilience/ and therefore their capacity to learn.

4 All of the following are invasion games except: Football Netball Hockey Tennis (1 mark)

5 Name the 6 strands of the current National Curriculum for Physical Education. (3 marks)
Outwitting opponents (OO) Accurate replication of actions (AR) Exploring and communicating ideas (EC) Performing at maximum levels (PM) Identifying and solving problems (SP) Exercising safely to improve health (ES)

6 Which one of the following is not a core theme of the Healthy Schools Programme? Physical Activity Healthy Eating Personal, Social and Health Education Every Child Matters (1 mark)

7 Physical Education is an important part of the school curriculum
Physical Education is an important part of the school curriculum. Identify and explain how one other curriculum subject can contribute in a positive way to Physical Education. (3 marks) Award one mark for the subject identified and two further marks for explaining the positive contribution it makes to PE. • English or other languages/ speaking and listening are important when working with other performers and coaches and following or issuing instructions encourages good communication/ good written English is important for exam answers. • Science/ links with the theory on the PE course with human biology/ and how the body works. • Mathematics/ practical skills such as measuring and timing in athletics or keeping score in cricket/ ensure accuracy of results. • Food Technology/ information on diet and nutrition essential for sports performers/ to ensure improved performance. • Music/ links with dance being able to count to the beat of the music/ to choreograph routines effectively. • Geography/ links with outdoor activities that take place in environment, eg sailing/ knowing about wind and tides or mapwork with orienteering. • PSHE or Citizenship/ themes such as trust, responsibility or inclusion/ linked to fair play or teamwork. • ICT/ to provide information or help with revision/ which may help with theory or performance in exams. • ICT/ which might help with information collection/ when teaching fitness.

8 What does the Kelly Holmes trust aim to achieve? (2 marks)
Get young lives on track using the unique skills of world class athletes to engage and empower.

9 Which one of the following is the term used for the compulsory Physical Education programme provided by schools? Extra-curricular programme Cross-curricular programme National Curriculum Timetable (1 mark)

10 Define the term ‘extra-curricular’ (1 mark)
An activity that takes place out of timetabled lessons, such as during lunchtimes or after school.

11 What is the key aim of Sport England? (2 marks)
Sustain and increase participation in community sport

12 Schools can influence participation in physical activity in different ways. Explain how teachers can have a positive influence on participation. (2 marks) • General positive teaching attitude or enthusiasm/ can encourage participation. • Experience or expertise of staff/ in certain activities can encourage interest in that activity. • The playing ability of staff/ as they act as role models. • Making the activity fun or challenging/ can make you want to take part. • Offer extra-curricular activities/ to promote participation in a particular sport.

13 What are the 4 key roles of an individual sports governing body
What are the 4 key roles of an individual sports governing body? (4 marks) Upholding the rules of the sport and punishing those who break the rules (fining and banning teams and clubs). Promoting the sport to attract new players and spectators. Organising international competitions (such as the world cup and European championships etc.) and running the national team. Organising competitions within the country (like the premier league and league cup).

14 Explain how school facilities can have a negative effect on participation. (2 marks) • Poor or old or damaged facilities/ students will not be encouraged to take part. • Lack of facilities/ will prevent participation. • Having to use off-site facilities/ doesn’t allow easy access or might make it more expensive or shortens time to play. • Dual use facilities/ reduces time availability.

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