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Robert Napier PE Department GCSE PE GCSE PE PE at GCSE.

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2 Robert Napier PE Department GCSE PE GCSE PE

3 PE at GCSE

4 Is this course for you? This course is aimed at students who enjoy Physical Education and wish to develop their ability and interest both practically and theoretically. GCSE PE

5 How are students assessed? Students will be assessed through: AA practical element carrying 60% of the marks. TT he course will be largely aimed at games, with opportunities to be assessed in most activities including swimming, athletics and trampolining. PP upils must participate on a regular basis in order to gain the best practical grades possible. AA n independent Observation and Analysis study will be sent off to the exam board. GCSE PE

6 Assessment (cont)  A theory element accounting for 40% of the marks.  Based on a one and a half hour exam, questions will be based on topics including Health, Fitness Testing, Muscles, Bones, Circulatory System, Diet, Media, Sponsorship and Politics in Sport. GCSE PE

7 How will the course run? There are usually 3 GCSE PE lessons each week. Two of these lessons are often classroom based theory lessons. Homework will be set each week.  This course provides a good grounding for students wishing to follow career opportunities in the sport and leisure industry, including working at leisure facilities, sports centres, health & fitness clubs; being a sports coach / teacher, working for a sports governing body. Students will hopefully enjoy the subject and gain a nationally recognised GCSE examination pass. GCSE PE

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