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FriendRaising and events: cost effective community fundraising.

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1 FriendRaising and events: cost effective community fundraising

2 Community vs Events In aid of Supporters organize Primary aim is to raise money The nature of the activity is a key benefit to the fundraiser On behalf of Charity organize Primary aim can be to raise money, profile or recruitment The event ought to be connected to the charitys ethos and beneficiaries © Institute of Fundraising

3 Friendraising Community groups Schools Clubs and societies Collaborators Online supporters Facebook Twitter Staff and volunteers Local, regional, national and international support © Institute of Fundraising

4 Events Sponsored events Gala/dinner/fashion show Auction Challenge events © Institute of Fundraising

5 Audit External STEEPLE Competitor Collaborator Market Analysis Internal Past Performance Product Lifecycle Segmentation Case for Support © Institute of Fundraising

6 Objectives External audit Internal audit SWOT analysis Organisational Mission Overall Fundraising Objectives SMART © Institute of Fundraising

7 Why plan? Increase efficiency Reduce duplication Ensure profitability Assess the resource implications Consider timings To walk away !!!!!! © Institute of Fundraising

8 Research Costs for the fundraising activity Quotes Suppliers – internal and external Volunteers Timings Location Technical Governance & legal Training © Institute of Fundraising

9 Tasks Recruit supporter groups Update database or participants Create packs Test materials Provide merchandise Distribute packs Attend? Bank donations Thank supporters Plan donor journey and stewardship Plan event Recruit volunteers Publicise event Send invitations Manage suppliers Develop the case for support Design and print merchandise Update database Run the event Collect donations Thank supporters © Institute of Fundraising Community Events

10 Budget Allocate the costs for each task Allocate by budget heading © Institute of Fundraising

11 Calculating ROI © Institute of Fundraising (Fundraising Target – Costs of fundraising) Costs of Fundraising x100

12 GANTT Chart

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