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Kevin Weaver CFG IT Conference – 20 March 2013 Top 10 tips when implementing a CRM system.

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1 Kevin Weaver CFG IT Conference – 20 March 2013 Top 10 tips when implementing a CRM system

2 software to smile about Think fully around user training - not just end user training for initial go live Refresher training on-going For staff newly recruited or with changed roles Making the most of the system you’ve invested in Expanding your use of the system beyond initial go live the countdown – number 10

3 software to smile about Consult the market – it’s living and changing in terms of products and suppliers Products Richness of functionality / Usability Road map Ability to grow with your needs Suppliers Ethos / Matching vision Methodology Support References – friends, contacts, consultants, suppliers the countdown – number 9

4 software to smile about Involve your stakeholders along the way at appropriate stages To maintain enthusiasm and momentum Board Managers End users Involve at the right level – avoid design by committee and unnecessarily lengthening the design phase Regular updates internally Publicise your achievements as you go (e-newsletters, intranet etc) the countdown – number 8

5 software to smile about Make sure that there is a real business case for a new system Is there a real need for a new system Who do you need to consult? What do you want to achieve? How will you measure your achievements? Can your existing system meet your growing needs? Do you need a detailed functional tender? ROI Open interpretation – by suppliers …or supplier workshops / review the market first? the countdown – number 7

6 software to smile about Keep the plan and system simple – wherever you can Understand vanilla capabilities before bespoking Is the system mature and used by similar organisations? Be open to changing your processes to fit a product Simplify upgrades Minimise time to go live Keep your costs down Align with best practice the countdown – number 6

7 software to smile about Plan for moving beyond the initial go live How will you make sure the system is a success and beds in? Measuring and publicising achievements Efficiencies, time saving and ROI Staff focusing on activities that make an impact for your organisation vs time consuming low level admin Internal user forum and champions Best practice Managing concerns Reviewing system use Ensure initial enthusiasm is maintained Internal support and training the countdown – number 5

8 software to smile about Appoint a “good” and willing project manager Sufficient time dedicated to the role With authority to make decisions Trusted and respected Communicates and collaborates well Knows your business processes Knows what you need to achieve Has relevant experience Accountable to an involved project sponsor the countdown – number 4

9 software to smile about Plan for and invest highly in user acceptance testing Key staff will need time protected for this Probably more than you initially think and the right staff Critical in ensuring the implementation gives you what you need Prepare thorough business process scripts well in advance Consider integrations and data brought across too Needs to be thorough and complete only test issues raised have been appropriately dealt with afterwards avoid repeated / incomplete UAT phases Increasing time and complexity – before system has been used live redesigning the system before it has been used in anger Start to prepare process based desk manuals for end users the countdown – number 3

10 software to smile about Accept that change will happen during the implementation and plan for it Implementations may not happen quickly Your needs at the end may not be the same as the initial needs identified Change control processes during the implementation Consider impact on budget and timing for project delivery Staff will leave, new staff will join, existing staff may change roles Risk assess regularly and plan actions and responsibilities for mitigation – in advance the countdown – number 2

11 software to smile about …and watch out for HMRC moving the goalposts Online government gateway gift aid claim submission “Charities Online” from 22 Apr 2013 paper claims accepted until at least 30 Sep 2013 not a long transition period Includes automatic amendments to already claimed gift aid no longer through manually sending a cheque back Faster repayment – within 15 working days R68(i) claims repay within 30 days Costs and preparation Your internal processes Your CRM / Fundraising systems …and other external agencies / integrated products too the countdown – number 1

12 software to smile about up to 1,000 Gift Aid donors complete and attach schedule spreadsheet to the online claim form no limit to the numbers of claims you can submit HMRC published the new schedule spreadsheets with explanations on how to use them last Friday (15 March 2013) look for Charity News on the HMRC site along with details on how to sign up to use Charities Online charities online – claim using an online form

13 software to smile about for those who file Gift Aid claims for more than 1,000 donors although it can also be used to make smaller claims send one claim per day directly from your CRM and fundraising system with details of up to 500,000 Gift Aid donors. charities online – claim through your database

14 software to smile about for those who don't have access to the internet a new form, ChR1, replaces all existing R68 claim forms ChR1 forms can be ordered from the HMRC Charities Helpline from 25 March 2013 continuation sheets (called ChR1CS) can be requested allowing for up to 90 Gift Aid donors in each individual claim HMRC will automatically scan the information so payments may be made quicker no limit to the number of claims that can be submitted charities online – claim using a paper form

15 software to smile about new scheme being introduced in April 2013 applies to cash donations of £20 or less collection boxes, tins, buckets, … no need to collect donor declarations claim on total donations of up to £5,000 per year the 'matching rule‘ every £10 of donations claimed under GASDS must be matched with £1 of donations claimed under Gift Aid in the same tax year gift aid small donations scheme

16 software to smile about …otherwise known as “what did I miss?” experiences and lessons learned within the group

17 software to smile about HM Revenue & Customs to introduce online Gift Aid filing system on 22 April HM Revenue & Customs to introduce online Gift Aid filing system on 22 April (third sector, 22 Feb 2013) Charities Online: making your Gift Aid repayments quicker and easier Charities Online: making your Gift Aid repayments quicker and easier (HMRC) Using R68i forms during the transition period Using R68i forms during the transition period (HMRC) Charities Helpline Charities Helpline (HMRC) links

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