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Fashion Trends.

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1 Fashion Trends

2 Roaring 1920’s Men and Women dressed more alike
Men: Fedoras, tapered trousers, pin-stripe suits Women: “Flapper” Fashion, pantsuits, bob hairstyle

3 1930’s Fashion in the Depression
Women in the workforce: Business Suits Tight Skirts with side slit Tight jackets with shoulder pads The majority of people were left poor and didn’t have the money to spend on leisurely things like clothes and shoes

4 1940’s Fashion During WWII Women:
Conservative (extra material needed for men at war), no cuffs, collars, buttons or extravagances Men: four piece deal suit; vest, jacket, two pair of pants suits with wide lapels, sports jacket with double-breasted look Mixing and matching

5 1950’s Fashion of Teenage Rebellion
Girls: Fluffed out petticoats under skirts, ratted/flipped hair, white Keds/tennis shoes, pedal pushers Boys: Tight Levi’s, Chinos, white/black tight shirts, loafers, Converse shoes, leather jackets, “Rebel Without a Cause” look

6 1960’s Fashion During Vietnam
“Hippies” Tight Levi’s, bell bottoms, wide flare from the knee with patches, drawings, fabrics Men: Leather vests with bare chests Women: loose-fitting cotton blouses flowery loose dresses

7 1970’s Fashion Disco Era Bell bottoms
Lycra, Acrylic, Polyester fabrics Women: Ruffled/loose dresses stopping at knee Men: Platform shoes, swirls/dizzying designs on shirts, solid color shirt with gold chains

8 1980’s Polo shirts Designer Jeans
“Flashdance”, Leg warmers, ripped sweatshirts Parachute pants Acid-wash jeans Big Shoulder pads Punk

9 1990’s Power bead bracelets Pashmina Ghetto fabulous
Grunge Power bead bracelets Pashmina Ghetto fabulous Long, straight hair with middle part

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