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50’s By Diana and Patty.

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1 50’s By Diana and Patty

2 Garments After WW2, dresses and skirts were tailored to create a more feminine look Tailored suits, fitted jackets, peplum with pencil skirts Short shrugs and bolero jackets for low cut dresses Full skirts, mid-calf length, emphasis on small waist

3 Garments Day dress- fitted bodices and full skirts with jewels or low cut necklaces, peter-pan collar Halter-top sun dresses Pointed bust, rounded shoulder line Too escalate the femininity in outfits, women would wear gloves and pearls

4 Garments Check, spots, plain, abstract patterns, floral
Women started wearing pants at the end of the 50’s but it wasn’t totally accepted (school girls would change into pants afterschool) Cropped pants Stiletto heals Pointed toe shoes

5 Headwear & Hairstyles Headwear: Hairstyles: Pillbox Cloche Turban
Ponytails Beehive Pin curls Chignon

6 Garments- Men Based on business clothing
Men were expected to wear a full suits the majority of the time Popular colors were dark blue, gray, charcoal and brown Patterns- quiet tweeds, thin stripes Shorter breasted jackets then 1940s 1940 Increased thigh exposure Longer jacket -once thought to be ‘swell’

7 Garments- Men Trousers were shorter- lots of fabric Shirts=white
Thin ties Shirt collars less pronounced Cufflinks=essential Formal wear=tuxedos (black or white ties)

8 Headwear & Hairstyles-Men
Flat Cap Fedora Bowler Derby Hairstyles: Conservative short Wild strange

9 Social Status/Occupation/Role
Men mainly wore business-like clothing Women began wearing pants – jeans were also admired for its casual appearance Labourers began wearing jeans because of its durability Wealthier people looked more elegant and polished through more elaborate accessories such as pearls, while poorer people wore more simple, casual attire.

10 Fashion Origins fashion began with Christian Dior's “New Look” in 1947
Frank Sinarta was an iconic hat wearer that started the trend of wearing hats Rock and Roll influenced girls into wearing more full skirts for dancing And tight blouses, pedal pushers and ankle socks were also popular during this period Movies that were inspired by the 1950’s include Grease, Dirty Dancing, Planet 51

11 50’s parallels present day!
Peplum tops Peter pan collars Fedora Capris

12 Significant Events The war- The war limited the amount of clothing that was allowed to be purchased but after WW2 materialism exploded with a greater variety of fabrics, colours and patterns Rock and Roll- Teenagers began to rebel and break out of the conservative nature of the 40’s and expressed their excitement through clothing

13 The End Cool story bro.

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