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MicroMist TM Wet Scrubber Advanced Scrubbing Technology Ultra-High Efficiency Fossil Fuel Pollutant Capture.

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2 MicroMist TM Wet Scrubber Advanced Scrubbing Technology Ultra-High Efficiency Fossil Fuel Pollutant Capture

3 The MicroMist Scrubber

4 Benefits of MicroMist TM Scrubbing Technology Lower Energy Consumption - MicroMist System Typically Operates With Less Than 25 W.C. of Total Pressure Drop Lower Equipment Costs than Standard Scrubbing High Capture Efficiencies on Acid Gasses & Submicron Particulate High Capture Efficiencies on Condensable Compounds Retrofits on Existing Equipment = Minimal Down Time Proven Results!

5 Whats Different? Sequence of Scrubbing Events Quenching and Sub-Cooling Patented System Employing Fine Droplets Uses Proprietary Dual-Nozzle Contact Trays, High Efficiency Mist Eliminators with Irrigation Lower System Pressure Drop Affects the Ability to Scrub Fine Particulate, Acid Gases, and Heavy Metals in One System Water Management and Experience High Flexibility for Varying Gas Flow

6 Conventional Scrubbers PROCESSEHAUST VENTURISTAGE WATER DRAIN DRAIN SEPARATORSTAGE SATURATEDGASSES Low Particulate Collection Efficiency Inefficient Energy Use (>70 W.C.) Atomization of Particulate Collection Affects Draft Poor Turn-Down Little Effect on Condensable Compounds Difficult Solids Control DIRTYSCRUBBEREXHAUST

7 MicroMist TM Scrubber High Particulate Collection Efficiency (>99.5%) High Capture Efficiency of Acids & Condensable Compounds (>98.9%) High Capture Efficiency of Heavy Metals (95% - 99% + ) Energy Efficient (System P <25 WC) Atomization for Particulate Collection Independent of Draft Excellent Turn-Down Superior Solids Control & Segregation Flue Gas Clean Gas

8 Flue Gas Clean Gas Stage 1: Quench Quenching Upstream of True Venturi Tubes 95% Particulate Removal Removal of SO 2 & HcL Separation of Drain Water < 1 WC Pressure Drop 1 MicroMist TM Scrubber Elements

9 Flue Gas Clean Gas 2 Stage 2: Sub-Cooling Conditioning Agglomeration Absorption of acid gasses Removal of SO 2 & HCL and PM > 1 micron MicroMist TM Scrubber Elements

10 Flue Gas Clean Gas Stage 3: Patented True Venturi Stage Condensation and Agglomeration of H 2 SO 4, Fumes and Sub-Micron Particulate Internal Throat Atomizer Controls Differential Pressure With Varying Process Loads (Control to ~16 WC) Correct Droplet Atomization for Maximum Collection Efficiency Venturi Design Achieves Multi-Stage Liquid/Particle Differential Velocities for Sub- Micron collection Separate Drain for Maximum Liquor Management & Ph Control 3 MicroMist TM Scrubber Elements

11 Venturi Tubes are Ideal Design Incorporating Maximum Particle/Droplet Collisions & Pressure Recovery

12 Patented MicroMist TM Venturi Stage Vertical Centrifugal Pumps Atomization Through HydroMist Nozzles at the Inlet of Each Venturi Tube and Independent of Throat Velocity. Internal Throat Atomizer Modulates (Pump VFD) To Maintain Specified Pressure Drop Across This Stage

13 Flue Gas Clean Gas 4 Stage 4: Separation High Efficiency Separator Stage Combination of Dual Orifice Contact (DOI) trays with Mist Eliminator Flushing Removal of Dirty Water Droplets With Irrigation And Backwash Spray Nozzles Prevents Carry Over of Water into Scrubber Outlet MicroMist TM Scrubber Elements

14 Additional Features Maximize Re-use Water With Recirculation Tanks Minimize Fresh Make-up Water Experience with PH Control Steady P Across All Process Operating Conditions No Hassle Maintenance Proven Results With All Fuel Sources (Coal, Oil, NCG) One System Air Pollution Control Option UL Listed Control Enclosures With Fully Automated Control Capabilities MicroMist TM Scrubber

15 Emissions Control Technology Comparison PM (front) PM (back) SO 2 H 2 SO 4 MicroMist TM Scrubber xxxx ESP x--- ESP & SO 2 Scrubber xsomex- ESP, SO 2 Scrubber & WESP xxxx Baghouse x--- Baghouse, dry lime injection x-some-

16 Piloting the MicroMist TM Scrubber Pilot testing emissions control applications is the most effective way to predict performance, operating conditions & chemical consumption. Pilot units must be accurately scalable to ensure correct and predictable results Pilot units must be modular to allow simple addition and subtraction of process stages

17 Test Capacity = 6,000 ACFM Production 8 Venturi Tube

18 Incorporates Patented Star TM WESP Technology


20 Why try the MicroMist TM Scrubber Pilot? Cost Effective Test of System Efficiency All Equipment Arrives on Site Together Easy, Convenient, and Compact Complete Engineering Assistance Includes All Required Instrumentation Includes Production 8 Venturi Tube in MMV Stage Test Ports in Multiple Locations On-site Field Service Technicians One System Solution To Pollution Control

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