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CATALITE ® CBA Series Complete Breathing Air Purification System Taking Your Workers From Hazard to Health 15 – 940 scfm.

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1 CATALITE ® CBA Series Complete Breathing Air Purification System Taking Your Workers From Hazard to Health 15 – 940 scfm

2 CBA Series Safety Requirements: Fresh Air Supplied Respirators PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) May Be Required by Regulation: Occupational Safety and Health Association –OSHA: CFR1910.134 Canadian Standards Association –CSA: Z180.1-00 Compressed Gas Institute –CGA: Pamphlet G-7 American National Standards Institute –ANSI: Z88.2-1080 National Fire Protection Association –NFPA: Standard 1500

3 CBA Series Industries Served Power Generation –Furnaces, boilers, holding tanks Petro Chemical –protects from hazardous fumes, gases, and vapors Construction –Asbestos abatement Sandblasting / Spray Painting –Atomized VOC s Confined Space –All Industries with tanks, vats, boilers

4 CBA Series HF Series filters are the result of extensive testing of the latest state- of-the-art materials in filtration media. Filter elements have been designed utilizing the latest media innovation and manufacturing techniques. The result is increased performance, reduced size and lower operating pressure drop. CATALITE Utilizes HF Series Filtration

5 CBA Series CATALITE Utilizes HF Series Filtration Prefilters –Grade 7 general purpose 1 micron coalescer removes gross solids and liquids –Grade 3 ultra high efficiency oil removal element removing solids and liquids to 0.01 micron and 99.999+% of oil aerosols Afterfilters –Grade 1 activated carbon filter removing any remaining oil content and solids to 0.01 micron and any remaining odor –Grade 6 is a dry particulate element removing any remaining particles Grade 7Grade 3 Grade 6Grade 1

6 CBA Series CATALITE ® Protects Our Respiratory System - Stages of Filtration CATALITE ® Filtration System Stage 1 Prefilters –Removes Gross Solids Stage 2 Prefilter –Removes 0.01μm aerosols Stage 3 CBA Desiccant Bed –Removes Moisture Stage 4 CBA Catalyst Bed –Lowers CO levels Stage 5 Activated Carbon –Removes oil vapors and odor –Final filtration to 0.01μm Stage 6 Particulate Afterfilter –Removes 1μm contaminants

7 CBA Series CBA Desiccant Air Dryer Heatless regenerative twin tower –Continuous duty service –Minimal power consumption ASME Carbon steel vessels Fixed 10 minute dryer cycle –Consistent ISO 8573-1 Class 2 -40°F, -40°C outlet pressure dewpoint Low relative humidity of air stream –Keeps catalyst dry –Extends service life of components Shuttle valves –Accurate & durable inlet/outlet –Automatically shift to low-pressure circuit

8 CBA Series Standard Instrumentation Pressure Gauges –Left / Right Tower –Inlet / Outlet Purifier –Purge Pressure Moisture Indictor Monitors –Overloading –Improper Operation –Valve Malfunction –Declining CO removal –System Maintenance Pilot Air Filter & Regulator

9 CBA Series Standard Controls Soft On/Off Switch with 2 Power Recovery Modes Switching Failure Alarms Service Reminders Tower / Valve Status LCD Voltage Free Common Alarm Contacts 5A Rating RS232 Communications Port

10 CBA Series Advanced Controls (Optional) Vacuum fluorescent text display Patented automatic Sensatherm ® Energy Savings Calibration free temperature sensors match purge Energy Saving purge rates as low as 7% High inlet temperature & low Inlet pressure alarms

11 CBA Series CO Monitor Base Model (Optional) Deltech s Series 1000 carbon monoxide monitor can be used as a stand-alone device or installed on a Catalite purifier as an option. The monitor, which has a 0-200 ppm carbon monoxide range, is designed for simple, trouble-free use and maintenance. The easy-to-calibrate monitor features a digital display, two adjustable alarm set points with indicators and an audible alarm with a silence switch. Other features include a NEMA 4 enclosure and an alarm push-to-test switch. The monitor s sensor, a unique gel-type fuel cell, is easily replaceable, will not leak and is unaffected by most background gases. The carbon monoxide monitor comes ready to use; there is no assembly required.

12 CBA Series Advanced Breathing Air Analyzer Choices with Alarms (Optional) Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitor –CO & Oxygen Monitor –CO & Dewpoint Monitor –CO – Oxygen – Dewpoint Monitor

13 CBA Series Purification Capabilities

14 CBA Series Product Specifications

15 CBA Series Filtration & Catalytic Conversion

16 CBA Series Capacity Correction Factors

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