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Blacktown as a Water Sensitive City Phillip Birtles.

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1 Blacktown as a Water Sensitive City Phillip Birtles

2 Whats out west?

3 Blacktown Population 321,000 Predicted to rise to 415,000 by 2030 and then 500,000 by 2040 Canberra: 367,752 Actually, lots of people Northern Territory: 233,300

4 Growth Centres

5 Graph from Metro Water Directorate

6 Eastern Creek Can Blacktown make it as Water Sensitive City ?

7 Draft Metropolitan Strategy (2013) – Action 22.5 Apply WSUD to integrate urban water cycle considerations with the planning and urban design for growth centres and urban renewal. Metropolitan Water Plan – liveability outcomes State Government Regulatory Drivers The BASIX SEPP = 40% reduction in potable mains water use for all new residential developments and redevelopments.

8 DCP was developed by the NSW Department of Planning & Infrastructure. Flooding, water quality and quantity, riparian & water conservation controls. Growth Centres – a mixed blessing

9 Part R of the Development Control Plan provides: Design principles, objectives, targets and controls for the management of water conservation, stormwater and groundwater. Controls for development on waterfront land (riparian land). Blacktown City Council DCP – Part R Blacktown Council DCP (2006) Part R Water Sensitive Urban Design and Integrated Water Cycle Management

10 Stormwater (water quality and waterway stability) Targets for % reduction in pollutant loads & SEI Water Conservation targets Residential - must comply with BASIX. Industrial and Commercial development - supply 80% non-potable demand through rainwater or stormwater harvesting. Public open space (such as irrigation, pools, water features), 80% of demand must be supplied from recycled water, rainwater or stormwater harvesting. WSUD and Integrated Water Cycle Management Blacktown Development Control Plan 2006 (Part R)

11 Blacktown 2030 Vision. Pursue best practice sustainable water management to protect and improve the water quality of the local environment. Council projects under the Environmental Stormwater Management Service Charge $25 per household = approx $3M p.a. Blacktown City Council and WSUD Local Govt response to WSUD

12 Are private assets being installed correctly and maintained? WSUD Audit Officer Production of WSUD guidelines WSUD Audit Program

13 Catchment Planning What do the community want in their catchment? What goal is realistic?

14 What condition are out ecosystems in? What WSUD assets has council taken on? How much is it costing us? Creek & intervention monitoring

15 WSUD Capacity Building Program – the 6 phases 1. Senior Management Interviews (19 participants) 2. Council staff survey and presentation (150 participants) 3. Rapid Assessment and Action Planning Workshop (50) 5. Strategic Plan 6. Action Plan 4. Data analysis and prioritisation planning

16 Asset Construction Asset Design Services Asset Planning & Support Building & Engineering Design Services Civil & Open Space Maintenance Development Policy & Regulation Transport & City Projects Strategic & Precinct Planning Development Services & Administration Sport and Recreation Services Environmental Sustainability

17 Status of Blacktown on the Continuum


19 200ML project (originally a MAR scheme) Aust Government Water for the Future - $2.2M Blacktown International Sports Park Delivered this financial year Angus Creek Stormwater Harvesting

20 Integration of Water Cycle Management in large release areas Infill complications Articulating the connection between communitys vision / what we require / what we monitor. Finding boundary lines between what needs to be solved for WSUD and organisational complexities On-going Challenges (a personal perspective)

21 Blacktown Showground Redevelopment WSUD objectives for the Showground site: 1.Providing an alternate water source to supply irrigation and use in facilities; 2.Treating stormwater before it is discharged to Ashlar Creek; 3.Ensure the catchment and aquatic ecosystem health is enhanced and/or maintained in the re-design; 4.Integrating stormwater in the urban landscape to maximise its visual and recreational amenity.

22 Blacktown Showground Redevelopment

23 Questions?

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