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1 Hill PDA Newcastle CBD Urban Renewal Strategy


3 Hill PDA The City: Population – 148,535 Pop. Growth: 156,700 by 2036 Regional Catchment – +600,000 Jobs – 88,200 Dwellings – 66,000 Newcastle Inner City: Population – 48,063 Jobs – 21,500 jobs CBD Shopfronts - 158,000sqm CBD Commercial - 259,000sqm Tell me about Newcastle

4 Hill PDA

5 RENEW NEWCASTLE: activating 52 otherwise empty spaces with more than 100 creative projects

6 Hill PDA 2.5km Hill PDA Why Investigate Renewal? BHP Steelworks closed and the local economy was lagging. High vacancies (22.5% retail, 17% commercial) and David Jones vacated. Poor connections across the railway line to the waterfront. Abandoned developments and development applications. Numerous vacant and underutilised sites. Community frustration and want for change.

7 Hill PDA What did we discover? CBD not performing its "Regional City” role. Destination service centre - contracting retail trade area. Disparity between property markets. Coal mining and subsidence impacts. Significant water and flooding issues. Basement car parking was not an option. Limited employment and business diversity. Key players located outside of the CBD. Unrealistic development controls. Limited recognition of: the relationship between property economics, economic development and planning.

8 Hill PDA How did we discover the issues? Place Analysis: economics, heritage, urban structure, landscape, traffic and transport, social infrastructure, sustainability, stakeholder engagement. Intrinsic in all was understanding the planning and delivery rationale or impact. Economic Analysis: examined key drivers of growth and demand: Residential, Retail, Employment, Other (university, tourism, port, airport) PLUS: Understanding the capacity and feasibility of the CBD to accommodate change: What are the constraints to investment and development? What are the impacts of constraints on development viability? How could planning respond to enable change?

9 Hill PDA What was the Solution? PLANNING CERTAINTY: Lowered height controls, revise mixed use zone locations, development contributions, preserve employment land, identify catalyst sites. QUICK WINS: Urban design, landscape and amenity enhancements. Improved dialogue. BIG MOVES: Encourage university back into the CBD. Solution with the railway line. Improved mine subsidence awareness (cost imposts, locations). Enabling attitude and realistic approach. MEDIUM TO LONG TERM AIMS: Encourage small retail hubs along Hunter Street. Different mixed use options - retail, 2-3 levels commercial, residential. Adaptive reuse of heritage buildings and poor quality commercial. Alternative and flexible car parking solutions.

10 Hill PDA Work towards Economic, Social, Environmental Sustainability Whole of Government Approach Organisational Innovation Involve Residents and Stakeholders Use of Investment and Funding Mechanisms Staging Local Vision Understand Demand versus Capacity Leadership Key Lessons? Transparency Public Relations Culture of Planning Understand the Relationship – Planning and Economics

11 Hill PDA Sydney Melbourne Dubai

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