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An initiative of UDIA EnviroDevelopment. EnviroDevelopment Overview Independent certification of sustainability credentials Breadth of coverage - energy,

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1 an initiative of UDIA EnviroDevelopment

2 EnviroDevelopment Overview Independent certification of sustainability credentials Breadth of coverage - energy, water, ecosystems, materials, waste, community - from the first stage of development Applies to a range of development types and situations e.g. residential, high rise, detached, commercial, industrial Must maintain integrity and withstand scrutiny Clear communication Facilitate uptake of research, knowledge and tools Be flexible enough to encourage innovation Aim to certify in time to be useful for developer e.g. Immediately after receiving a planning permit & before marketing to public Standards have and will be progressively raised

3 Logo System

4 Certified Projects Large masterplanned residential subdivisions – e.g. Coombs and Wright, Coomera Waters, Mawson Lakes etc. Small residential subdivisions – e.g. Niche Affordable product – e.g. Fitzgibbon Chase Multi-unit residential – e.g. Capricorn Village Regional projects – e.g. Trevean Gardens Industrial estate – e.g. Mitchell Enviro Industrial Estate Over 44,000 lots/units and 104ha of industrial space

5 Momentum

6 Ecosystems  Maintain healthy and resilient ecosystems based on natural processes with rich native biodiversity.  Development that aims to protect and enhance existing native ecosystems and encourages natural systems and native biodiversity and rehabilitates degraded sites.  Requirements for detailed site analysis  Includes requirements for –aquatic ecosystems –landform –flora –fauna

7 Waste  Reduced waste sent to landfill, more efficient use of resources.  Development that has implemented waste management procedures and practices which reduce the amount of waste to landfill and facilitates recycling.  Requirements for: –upfront identification of recycling facilities etc. –demolition or land clearing –construction –post-construction

8 Energy  Reduced usage of polluting sources and support use of renewable energy. Enhance comfort through design.  Implement measures that would optimise energy reduction and achieve 20% reduction in greenhouse gas production across the development over and above current regulatory requirements.  Requirements for: –Essential actions –Reduction in greenhouse gas production

9 Materials  Environmentally responsible material usage.  Development that predominantly utilises environmentally responsible materials to lower environmental impacts in preference to other materials when such options are available and feasible, without significantly jeopardising the functionality or liveability of the development.  To achieve certification, must meet requirements under: –Environmentally responsible materials –Low emission materials –Local products –Minimise packaging –End user education

10 Water  Improve water use efficiency.  Measures that would achieve at least a 20% reduction in potable water use beyond regulatory measures and have no potable water irrigation requirements.  Requirements for: –Reduction in potable water demand –Irrigation –End user education

11 Community  Vibrant, cohesive, healthy, happy, adaptable, prosperous, sustainable communities.  Development that encourages community spirit, sustainable local facilities, reduced use of private motor vehicles, a sense of safety/security and accessible and flexible design that welcomes a diversity of people and adapts to their changing needs.  Includes requirements for: –Clear vision – defined environment, economic and social sustainability goals and performance targets –Community consultation, planning and development –Ongoing community engagement and governance –Transport –Place making –Community prosperity –Local facilities –Safe, accessible communities –Indoor environment quality

12 EnviroDevelopment Neighbourhoods Characterised by: -Vibrant and inclusive communities. -Equitably distributed and functional amenity. -Tangible connections for residents to natural amenity. -Diverse range of people. -Encourage healthy and active lifestyles. -Informed residents about practical sustainability-at-home measures. -Ecologically resilient landscapes. -Well connected to local facilities, employment opportunities and recreational spaces.

13 Key Learnings  Holistic sustainability programs are complex, challenging but have a greater realm of possibilities in achieving sustainability outcomes.  The importance of considering all aspects of sustainability upfront.  To succeed, each project team needs to be fully engaged, working towards a united sustainability goal.  Industry is moving rapidly beyond buildings and well into precincts and communities.  EnviroDevelopment requires the ‘tough’ discussions be had – between developers, contractors, builders and the end user.  Consumer research indicates that there is significant demand for more knowledge about all areas, particularly indoor environment quality.

14 Conclusion  EnviroDevelopment is one of the tools that can be effectively utilised to increase sustainability and encourage developers and project teams to work towards a united sustainability goal.  Now national – over a range of scales and development types.  EnviroDevelopment is an opportunity to inspire industry leadership and widespread community change and encourage achievement above regulatory requirements.  EnviroDevelopment carefully considers unique site and development types and constraints, to provide a flexible, performance-based, cost-effective mechanisms for assessing and encouraging sustainability outcomes.

15 Living for the future, today. @EnviroDev EnviroDevelopment

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