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Surrey Public Library Electronic Classrooms Computer Comfort.

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2 Surrey Public Library Electronic Classrooms Computer Comfort

3 Agenda for this Class Computer Hardware Keyboard Tips Drives The Desktop Managing Windows The Start Menu


5 The Monitor Also known as a type of peripheral Many styles are available Flat screens are taking the place of the usual bulky style monitor

6 The CPU 1. Microprocessor – Also known as processor or central processing unit (CPU). This is the chip used for the brains of the computer.

7 Hard Disk Drive Also referred to as the C drive has its size expressed in terms of gigabytes. It is your computers permanent storage space.

8 The Keyboard Keyboard Diagram – important keys

9 Storage Devices: Floppy Drive The floppy disk is an affordable portable way to store your information and pictures You can make changes to items on this disk, add items and delete items A drawback is that it does not store as much as a cd

10 CD-ROM DRIVE The CD drive is located above the floppy drive CDs are also portable and store much more information than floppy disks The CD-ROM drive on library computers is a read-only device You can open, copy from the cd to the desktop and read what is stored on your cd You cannot save or edit or add information Most home computers have a cd burner in addition to read-only

11 USB Storage Device The latest portable storage device is a USB storage device driver These have the same capabilities as the floppy disk This device is expensive but can hold 50 times the amount of information on a floppy disk

12 The Desktop My Computer Recycle Internet Explorer

13 Windows Desktop (Short Cut Icon) A shortcut icon with a black arrow is normally placed on the desktop. It can be created for any programs, files and applications

14 My Computer Double-click on the My Computer icon on the desktop. It provides an overview of your PC. It displays the hard drive, the floppy disk drive and the CD- ROM drive.

15 Internet Explorer Surrey Public Library

16 Managing the Windows Minimize – puts a program on hold and places on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen. Maximize – Bring an active window to fill the entire computer screen. Close – Close an active window.

17 Start Menu Shut Down

18 Learning Activities Turn On / Shut Down a Computer Standard Desktop Icons Windows Properties Wallpapering Screensaver

19 Conclusion Thank You

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