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The main Parts of computer.

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1 The main Parts of computer

2 monitor 1

3 The main icons on desktop

4 When you open the computer, what is the first thing you will see it?

5 There are a main icons we can find it on desktop such as:
My Computer

6 My Documents

7 Recycle Bin

8 Internet explorer

9 There are the main icons on desktop

10 Keyboard 2

11 The main parts of a keyboard
The Alphabetical Part

12 The Numerical Part You press number keys to type numbers

13 The Arrow keys let you move the cursor between characters and lines

14 The Esc key Cancel the current task

15 The Enter key Press Enter to move the cursor to the beginning of the next line. In a dialog box, press Enter to select the highlighted button.

16 Space key Press the Spacebar to move the cursor one space forward.

17 Back space key Press Backspace to delete the character before the cursor, or the selected text.

18 System unit 3

19 System unit CD Rom Drive Floppy Disk Drive Power Button USB Socket

20 mouse

21 The mouse 1- The left button. 2- The right button.
4 1- The left button The right button. 3- The cable The scroll wheel.

22 Select an object on the screen by double click.
I use the mouse to: Select an object on the screen by double click. Draw.


24 This is the four main parts of computer


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