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Saint Jo Masonic Lodge “Each man can make a difference”

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1 Saint Jo Masonic Lodge “Each man can make a difference”
Dedicated to the Saint Jo Masonic Lodge #483 By: Hunter Tallon Teacher: Shelly McAninch School: Saint Jo High School Saint Jo, Texas Montague County

2 What is a Mason? Masons are members of the largest and oldest fraternity in the world. The mission of Freemasonry is brotherhood, community involvement, and self-improvement through education, family values, moral standards, and charity. Freemasonry is another word for Mason. Mason is another word for architect.

3 What do Masons do? Much of the work Masons do is community and charity-based. In the USA alone, Masons raise over $3 billion per year. These funds provide free hospitals, schools, retirement and youth homes for people in need. Masons also grant scholarships to graduating high school seniors each year.

4 What do the Symbols Mean?
Compass The square and compass are the primary tools used by a Mason. Ancient Masons were historically known as architects who planned and constructed buildings, bridges, and other projects. Square The G stands for geometry. Geometry is important in architecture, and Masons relied on it in their work.

5 History of Lodge #483 On December 14, 1878 Saint Jo Lodge #483 received its charter from the Grand Lodge of Texas. D.H. Craver (pictured here along with the charter) organized the Lodge and served as its first W.M. from Craver owned Craver and Philpot Drugstore and was Saint Jo’s first unofficial mayor.

6 Member Spotlight Clyde W. Yetter Jr., former Worshipful Master(W.M.) is the oldest active member of the Saint Jo Masonic Lodge. He is currently serving as treasurer at 92 years young.

7 The Saint Jo Masonic Lodge
The Saint Jo Masonic Lodge building is currently undergoing a renovation project. The lodge has convened at the current location on the square in Saint Jo since The lodge moved from its original location in 1953 due to a fire.

8 Saint Jo Masonic Fun Fact
Early members met each year on Saint John’s Day to elect officers. Upon adjournment of the meeting, members would retire to a local restaurant to eat oysters.

9 Local Artifacts These ceremonial swords were owned by two former Worshipful Masters (W.M.) of the Saint Jo Lodge. C.D. Meador, owner of Meador Bros. Dry Goods, was W.M. in the early 1920’s. Smith Pedigo, a local druggist, was W.M. during the late 1920’s. The swords are over 80 years old, and are a special part of the lodge’s history.

10 Lodge#483 in the Community
Awards a scholarship to a worthy senior each year. Hosts annual barbecue dinner to raise money for scholarships. Active in local charities, such as Meals on Wheels. Sponsors annual fun shoot that raises money to be used throughout the community.

11 Resources

12 Resources x359.jpg FI/AAAAAAAAAdw/d86KuQ0dD0I/s400/Mason+Sym bol.jpg masons.html

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