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The Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of the State of New York Charity Fund Corporation.

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1 The Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of the State of New York Charity Fund Corporation

2 Charity....has always been considered to be one of the greatest of Masonic virtues. ….has been a part of the tradition and teachings of Freemasonry. Our concern for one another and humanity in general is a core principle of our everyday practice.

3 History of the Charity Fund In the late 1940’s there was a growing need among Cryptic Masons of New York to have a charitable project by which the Royal and Select Master Masons could rally around.

4 In 1950, Most Illustrious Grand Master George W. Pratt was responsible for the formation of the Grand Council Charitable Fund.

5 Over the next six years modest sums were contributed to worthy charities. But there was a growing need to focus on one major effort. The Grand Council eventually adopted Parkinson’s Disease as its principal project for its charitable endeavors.

6 In 1961, the Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of the State of New York Charity Fund Corporation was legally established and its primary goal was to raise funds for finding a cure to eradicate Parkinson’s Disease.

7 In 1962, because of the ever growing knowledge in spin-off research in this area. The project was expanded to include the research field of geriatics with special emphasis on Parkinson’s Disease.

8 Over the years, the By-Laws of the Corporation were amended to allow the Corporation to grant funds to other worthy causes approved by its Board of Directors. But the Corporation is ever mindful that its major endeavor was and is still, to fund research to find a cure or therapeutic treatments for Parkinson’s Disease.

9 Funding Charitable Causes …the contributions from members and Councils …the annual interest and dividends earned from our investments …from special gifts, bequests or trusts …from other public charitable individuals and/or organizations

10 Funds Contributed To Date 1966-2006: $257,000.00 – Parkinson 2007: $12,000.00 – Parkinson 2008: $14,000.00 – Parkinson 2009: $15,000.00 – Parkinson 2010: $14,000.00 – Parkinson 2011: $15,000.00 – Parkinson 2012: $14,000.00 – Parkinson Total: $341,000.00

11 Funds Contributed To Date 2010: $1,000.00 Masonic Youth 2011: $1,000.00 Masonic Youth 2012: $4,000.00 Masonic Youth Total: $6,000.00 For Parkinson Disease we have given 24.63% of the total $341,000.00 in the last 6 years!

12 Masonic Youth Groups The Youth Groups that are being supported through the Charity Fund are as follows: The Order of DeMolay International Order of Rainbow The Organization of Triangles Constellation of Junior Stars

13 New Cause To Be Supported The Charity Fund Board of Directors at their stated meeting of March 1, 2012 approved a new Charitable cause for the Charity Fund to support with the 2012-13 Fundraising Campaign. That cause is the “Wounded Warrior Project.”

14 The Wounded Warrior Project This worthy cause addresses the needs of those men and women who have served our country through the military. The Wounded Warrior Project works to raise awareness and enlist the public’s aid for the needs of severely injured service men and women;

15 to help severely injured service members to aid and assist each other; and to provide unique, direct programs and services to meet their needs.

16 The Wounded Warrior Project is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, organization whose mission is to honor and empower wounded warriors. To date, over 40,000 members of our nation’s armed forces have been physically wounded in Iraq & Afghanistan. Studies estimate more than 300,000 will suffer from the effects of

17 post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. All of these injuries are often devastating, leaving a formerly active man or woman unable to care for themselves. While grateful for their return, the round-the-clock care required to treat these wounded warriors

18 often falls on their families; giving caregivers have no choice but to leave their jobs and forego healthcare of their own in order to meet the need of their loved one. WWP provides the programs and services to assist these injured Veterans and their families during

19 their recovery, rehabilitation, and transition. WWP’s vision is to help make this generation of wounded warriors the most successful and well-adjusted in our nation’s history.

20 New Image For Charity Fund The Board of Directors have been working very hard to develop and present a new image for the Charity Fund Corporation. That image is the following:

21 …Open and Transparent …Supported by each Cryptic Mason and every Council in the State of NY …Broaden its support to worthy charitable causes …Develop new resources to promote the Charity Fund …Build up our Endowment

22 Open and Transparent The Directors have made a conscientious effort to keep its members MORE informed and AWARE of the vision and financial direction of the Charity Fund. The Directors have encouraged Grand Council Officers to be active in the knowledge of the Charity Fund.

23 The Directors have made themselves available to members and Councils to answer any questions or concerns raised about the Charity Fund. Financial Records have been made available to be reviewed by outside personnel.

24 Supported by Each Cryptic Mason and Council in the State The Charity Fund Directors have made a concerted effort to promote awareness of the importance of each Cryptic Mason and Council in the State of NY to support the Fund. This year we nearly met 100% participation by all of our Councils.

25 We only lacked 2 Councils out of 29. Sixteen Councils gave $5.00 or more per member. We still have a very long road ahead to having each Cryptic Mason in the State of NY to make a minimum contribution of $5.00 per year. Our goal remains 100% participation by each Cryptic Mason and Council!

26 Broaden our Support to Worthy Charitable Causes The Directors are looking at all ways to broaden financial support to our worthy causes and even to secure resources to fund new causes upon which to embark.

27 Developed New Resources to Promote the Charity Fund …Powerpoint presentation developed …A New Brochure has been created …Made available Charitable Causes resource materials for education and support

28 Build Up Our Endowment The Directors of the Charity Fund have developed and approved a a new program to build the Charity Fund Endowment base from which we can fund into the future our approved worthy charitable causes. This new program is “The Solomon Arch Society.”



31 We hope that you find that your Charity Fund Corporation is moving in the right direction and is meeting your expectations for its existence. We remind you that the Grand Council Charity Fund Corporation is your Charitable organization. We need each and every one of you to support it in order for it to meet its goals for the future!

32 How Can You Take An Active Role in The Charity Fund Corporation, you ask? …Support it financially with a minimum $5.00 gift each year …Promote it favorably among your Companions and Council …Join “The Solomon Arch Society” …Hold a Fundraiser event

33 Masons together hand in hand to serve one another and humanity in general. Please Join The Effort! Charity

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