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George W. Bush Mrs. Lyon.

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1 George W. Bush Mrs. Lyon

2 Instructions for next slide:
Three bullets: What # President was he? What years did he serve? How many terms in office did he serve? Then insert a picture! [To insert picture: Insert: Picture- From file- find your student number file (student number) click!]

3 About President Bush He is the 43rd President.
He will be President from So far, he has served one term.

4 Instructions for the next slide:
Name three historical events that were happening at the time of your President. They should have some effect on the U.S.A.

5 What was happening in the World?
First tax surplus in 40 years Arab/Israeli conflict Terrorist attacks in New York and D.C.

6 Instructions for the next slide:
Name three things that this President did while he was in office.

7 What President Bush is remembered for:
Controversial election against Al Gore. Starting a war against Terrorism. First President to have a father who was also a President, since John Quincy Adams.

8 Instructions for next slide:
Now decide which role (out of the seven we discussed in class) did this President fulfill the best? Please give two examples of how he did it!

9 President Bush’s Role Commander-in-Chief
Asked Congress for more money for the military. Organized a war against Terrorism.

10 Instructions for the next slide:
You need two pictures for the next slide. OR You may use one picture and one political cartoon of your President!

11 Pictures of President Bush

12 Instructions for the last slide:
List all Web Sites or Books that you used. Here are a few examples: For a search engine: Yahoo- keyword: President For a specific Site: For a Book U.S. Presidents, by John Smith.

13 Credits
  World Book Encyclopedia: Bush, George W.

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