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PRESENTED BY York Rite of Wisconsin


4 In the Beginning, God said
Masonic Light of the York Rite In the Beginning, God said “Let there be light and there was light!”

5 Masonic Light of the York Rite
You represented Hiram Abif and received a Substitute Word Continue the York Rite path of knowledge to find the long lost Master’s Word

6 Who is Eligible To Join Members in Good Standing
of our Symbolic (or “Blue”) Lodges

7 Why the York Rite? Because one or more of the following describe YOU ... I am a Mason I Believe Freemasonry is a Progressive Science I am a Respected Leader I Possess High Standards of Integrity I Support Worthy Causes I have a Fraternal Belief in Principles I am ready to Travel a Delightful New Road I Believe in Continued Masonic Education

8 What is the YORK RITE? A Series of Masonic Degrees and Orders
Exemplifies and explains teachings not addressed in the Symbolic Lodge: Historical Backgrounds Ancient Craft Customs Rich in pageantry and color Dramatically presented in full regalia/costumes

9 “Royal Arch Masonry” CHAPTER
Four Capitular Degrees: Mark Master Past Master (Virtual) Most Excellent Master Royal Arch

10 The Royal Arch Degree was maintained as a
part of the Craft until the 18th Century. As Craftsmen you will learn how to collect your wages, assist in the rebuilding of the Temple, find the Master’s Word, and learn where it was placed before the death of our Grand Master Hiram Abif.

11 “Cryptic Masonry” COUNCIL
Three Cryptic Degrees: Royal Master Select Master Super Excellent Master Although optional, is mandatory to hold office

12 As a Royal Master you will have a discussion
with Hiram Abif about his mortality. How and why was the word saved, what happened prior to its discovery, by whom, and for what purpose? The answers to these questions can be found as a Select Master.

13 “The Knights Templar” COMMANDERY
Three Chivalric Orders Order of the Red Cross Order of Malta Order of the Temple

14 Assist at the Rebuilding of the 2nd Temple.
What is the origin of the Knights Templar? Be Dubbed and Created a member of the Valiant and Magnanimous Order of the Temple.

15 YORK RITE Philanthropies
Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons Royal Arch Research Assistance Grand Chapter of Wisconsin Foundation Grand Council Cryptic Masons Cryptic Masons Medical Research Foundation Grand Council Charity Endowment Fund Grand Commandery Knights Templar Knights Templar Eye Foundation Holy Land Pilgrimage/Endowment Fund Education Foundation

16 Are Cordially Invited to Join!
“YOU” We meet monthly in a setting like that of a Symbolic Lodge, each has its own distinct ritual Chapters, Councils, and Commanderies located all over the state Initiation Fees range from $ to $150.00 Annual dues range from $25.00 to $ inclusive Dues vary from organization to organization

17 Be a Part of History

18 Take Action! A Special Time to Become a Member
Continued Masonic Education Knighting in a New Century Sign a Petition , Why Wait You Will Not Be Disappointed! “Now”

19 Travel the road of Further Masonic Light

20 Ask for a Petition Brought to you by the of the State of Wisconsin
Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons Grand Council of Cryptic Masons Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of the State of Wisconsin For More Information, Contact: A Masonic Leader you Respect, and/or The Grand York Rite of Wisconsin 36275 Sunset Drive Dousman, WI 53118 (262)


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