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Membership. Introductions Recruiting Motivating Factors Recruiting New Masons.

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1 Membership

2 Introductions Recruiting Motivating Factors Recruiting New Masons

3 Your Masonic Leadership Training Team Honored Guests Attendees Name Lodge & Location Title and Position, if any

4 Restrooms Cell phones/PDA’s Sign-In Sheets Custom of the Lodge vs. Required by Digest

5 Florida Digest of Masonic Law Lodge Officers Handbook Masonic Leadership Training Manual Lodge Secretary Administrative Guide (GL215) Worshipful Master’s Program Notebook (GL218)

6 For years Masons were discouraged from active recruiting 2B1ASK1 – Designed to catch interest and start communications Less Social People - Less Need to Socialize (The Information Age) 1980 – 83,400 Masons 2009 – 48,500 25 Lodges closed since 1980

7 Inspiring Members to be Active Masons and Recruiters Mason’s Bill of Rights Right to be Needed – Can I use my gifts to benefit Freemasonry and therefore myself? Right to be Involved – To give and receive input, to respond and be part of the action Right to a Covenantal Relationship – Can I enjoy a ‘contract’ with leadership based upon trust and intimacy, where I have ownership of the solution? Right to Affect One’s Destiny – to influence one’s own personal progress and future

8 What Men Want from Freemasonry Better fellowship and opportunities to make new friends Leadership opportunities, improved leadership training and to be well led Greater civic involvement, public charities, pride in the accomplishment of the Craft Improved Masonic Education and understanding by Masons A higher profile for Freemasonry, more open to the public, greater visibility and more pride in the organization

9 Active commitment to the needs of the youth Higher quality degrees presented more dramatically and understandably Improved meetings with entertaining and interesting programs Improved leadership training and more opportunities to be a leader Opportunities for family involvement in Lodge Self-improvement

10 Characteristics of a Candidate Must be 18 years of age & believe in a supreme being Honest, faithful and responsible Gregarious, congenial and intelligent Interested in the welfare of others as well as family Good morals Financially responsible and meets obligations Practices temperance Charitable nature Does not gossip or belittle his fellowman Capable of subduing his passion, not argumentative or controversial Remains true to personal convictions and Industrious in personal life

11 Targeting Prospective Masons Set a goal Review Lodge’s losses for the past five years Estimate how many masons are expected to lose this coming year Add a percentage of growth, 5 to 10% Make it realistic, but challenging Appoint a Membership Committee Chairman One that is capable of meeting the goals One who is trusted to do what’s needed to grow

12 Become familiar with famous Masons Get the word out Wear a Masonic ring Discuss famous Masons with friends and prospects Place the Square and Compass symbol on your vehicle Remember it’s there as you drive around Bring up Freemasonry in any way you can without directly asking them to join Point out Masonic influence on history Invite prospects to non-Masonic social gatherings with a group of Masons

13 Freemasonry is the oldest and largest fraternal organization in the world with more than 1.5 million members in North America Masons can be found on every continent and in every ethnic group on earth North American Masons donate more than two million dollars a day to help others Masons focus on self-improvement through education and development, charity, family, community, friendship and camaraderie

14 Masonry is not a religion No Masonic beliefs conflict with religions Masons meet in buildings that are clearly marked and publish schedules of activities and meetings The ONLY things we don’t share are the signs and words that we give other Masons to identify ourselves as Masons Which are the same for many established fraternities

15 Freemasonry is A Fraternity in which you can confidently trust your Lodge Brothers and entrust your family with them A Fraternity where, within moral and civil guidelines, free thought, free speech and spiritual growth can develop to its fullest potential Provides the opportunity to meet, know, and befriend outstanding individuals from all walks of life you would not otherwise meet and consider them a Brother

16 Is an opportunity to be part of a Fraternity that holds Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth as its principal tenants Provides self-development opportunities, leadership training and experience, and refines public speaking skills Fosters an environment to seek support and/or provide it to others Teaches and regularly reinforces moral virtues

17 Provides an opportunity to spend time with a group of Brothers who, by acting as good men, make you want to become a better man Not better than others, but better within yourself than you would have been otherwise Affords an opportunity for men to enhance their services to church and community Is a place to meet established members of the community and to become a more effective and engaged citizen

18 There are many ways to show the community, your family, friends and neighbors how great it is to be a Mason. Our Brothers, Lodges and Grand Lodge stand by to help you in this task, all you need to do is ask Have a fine, outstanding day!


20 Thanks for Attending!!

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