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Columba College A Tradition of Excellence. Dunedin.

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1 Columba College A Tradition of Excellence. Dunedin

2 Columba College is a day and boarding school for girls from Years 7 to 13 with a co-educational Primary Department.

3 View of the assembly hall – one of the earliest buildings at the College.

4 View from within the campus across to a classroom block completed in 1996.

5 English, Social Studies, Geography, History, Classical Studies, French, German, Japanese, Mandarin, two Computer Laboratories and a Theatre are in this block.

6 Courtyard view of the classroom block completed in 1996. This is a popular lunch area for girls in Years 9 and 10.

7 Students move from classroom to classroom for each period. Background – view of new Sports Centre.

8 Students in winter uniform.

9 Private Music tuition is available at the College.

10 The Senior Orchestra practising in the Theatre in Girton.

11 Music extension programme at the University of Otago.

12 Music outing to Julian Lloyd Webbers concert in the Dunedin Town Hall.

13 Winning Chamber Music group (Dunedin and Otago) with HOD Music and adjudicator.

14 View of the new Sports Centre completed at the beginning of 2006. It contains a full-size basketball/netball/volleyball court, four badminton courts, a fitness room, two changing rooms and two classrooms upstairs.

15 Inside the new Sports Centre.

16 View towards the upper-level classrooms and spectator gallery.

17 Upstairs foyer in the Sports Centre.

18 Sports Centre classroom.

19 The other Sports Centre classroom

20 Fitness Room in the Sports Centre.

21 Fitness room in the new Sports Centre. The girl in the foreground is wearing the school tracksuit.

22 Cross Trainer equipment.

23 A literature quiz in the Sports Centre.

24 I know the answer!

25 A fun activity during 2006 Book Week.

26 Latest property acquisition by the College (2006), being used as an Art Room.

27 Lunch group in the school grounds. To the left is another classroom block completed in 1985.

28 View towards the School Library on the left and a classroom block on the right. Science is the main subject taught in this block.

29 Assembly hall on the left with another classroom block in the background. On the right is the Library.

30 Morning assembly. There are three school assemblies each week with one of them taken by the School Chaplain.

31 Younger students in the School Library.

32 Interior view of the Library.

33 School Administration building.

34 School Administration with view across to the Girton classroom block.

35 Another view of the campus. The International Department is on the left in the brick classroom block in the foreground.

36 The International Department where the Dean of International Students and the ESOL Tutors are based. The School Administration building is in the background (view of turret)

37 Welcome to the International Department.

38 Mrs. Helen Leadbetter, International Dean, with two International students.

39 Mrs. Paula Hughes, full-time ESOL Tutor.

40 A seminar room in the International Department.

41 A Year 11 student at work on ESOL material.

42 The same student with the ESOL Tutor who works full-time at the College.

43 Students are encouraged to prepare speeches in English on resource material from their own countries.

44 This is the most historic building at Columba College. It is called Bishopscourt. It is now the boarding residence for Years 11 to 13 boarders. The dining-room for all boarders is on the left.

45 The Senior A Water polo Team with the Teacher-in-Charge of Water polo.

46 View of the main stairs in the senior boarding-house (Bishopscourt). The floor is made of imported Minton tiles which are original.

47 Another view of the historic hall in the senior boarding residence.

48 A sitting-room for senior boarders.

49 The College dining-room being used to host a lunch for visiting students from our sister school in Tokyo, Edogawa Girls High School.

50 A Windows computer laboratory newly established for the 2006 school year. There are three main computer laboratories at the College with a further two smaller ones (for Design and the other for primary pupils).

51 Another computer suite at the College.

52 A portable set of 25 laptops for classroom and individual student use.

53 A student using the latest interactive technology (Mimio).

54 View of Dunedin Harbour and Otago Peninsula from an upstairs classroom on Highgate.

55 Students have many opportunities to earn badges!

56 A good view of the school crest badge worn on the blazer.

57 Senior students enjoy opportunities to interact with the younger pupils.

58 Learning about each other.

59 A School Drama Group that competed in the local Shakespeare Festival.

60 The Japanese classroom.

61 The Language Laboratory.

62 The main Music Room.

63 Painting, Design and Photography are available as option subjects in Years 12 and 13 with Art History also offered in Year 13.

64 Many students study Science to Senior Level (Biology, Chemistry and Physics).

65 March 2004 visit to Columba College by HRH The Earl of Wessex.

66 The Earl of Wessex talking to staff and students on the occasion of his visit to present Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards to Otago recipients.

67 After the presentations the Earl of Wessex spoke to members of the School Orchestra.

68 2007 School Athletics Sports.

69 Fun activities are included as well as the Championship events.

70 Success!

71 A very long jump.

72 3000 metre event.

73 Junior Championship Final.

74 The Columba relay team that won the 2006 South Island Senior Girls Relay.

75 Iona House in blue House colours giving it their all in the House tug of war.

76 Philippa Tuaine - First in the Over 16 Long Jump at the 2007 Otago Secondary Schools Athletics Championships.

77 The Columba Under 14 relay team, placed third at the 2007 Otago Secondary Schools Athletics Championships.

78 The Columba Under 15 relay team, placed second in the 2007 Otago Secondary Schools Athletics Championships

79 The Columba Over 16 relay team, placed first in the 2007 Otago Secondary Schools Athletics Championships - pictured with the Deputy Sports Prefect.

80 Columba College competitors in the 2007 Otago/Southland Secondary Schools Police Triathlon held in Cromwell. Columba College performed very well and was among the top performing schools at the event. Out of 31 girls teams in the competition, Columba College had four of the top six places(1st, 3rd, 5th and 6th places overall).

81 Columba College runner in the same Triathlon event.

82 First placed Years 9 and 10 team in the Otago/Southland Triathlon (5th overall).

83 Columba College team of swimmer, cyclist and runner that gained first place overall in the 2007 Otago/Southland Secondary Schools Police Triathlon.

84 The Schools yacht on Otago Harbour.

85 A calm day on Otago Harbour for a school rowing crew.

86 Netball is a very popular winter sport.

87 Snow in Dunedin! A view of the School Administration building and surrounding grounds.

88 One of our high-achieving students. Victoria was the top female student in New Zealand in the 2003 University Bursaries Examinations.

89 The Principal, Miss Elizabeth Wilson, with the Head Prefect and Dux after a Senior Prize-Giving.

90 2005 Dux 2005 Outstanding Scholar Award (one of 47 awarded nationally) Lisa achieved at an outstanding level in the 2005 Scholarship Examinations. Outstanding Biology ScholarshipsChemistry Physics Statistics 2005 Runner-Up to Dux 2005 Scholarship Award (one of 196 awarded nationally) ScholarshipsClassical Studies English French Note: Columba College received the highest number of Scholarship Grades in Otago and Southland 2005, 2004 and 2003 – the last year of Bursary.

91 Columba College has been a Top Centre for the Cambridge International Examinations for three consecutive years.

92 Year 10 students gathering for the boat trip down Doubtful Sound.

93 2006 Year 10 camp at Doubtful Sound.

94 Tramping above Doubtful Sound.

95 Fishing at the end of the wharf with a Year 10 father looking on.

96 Trying something new!

97 2006 School Swimming Sports.



100 The staff relay team.

101 Waterpolo Team.


103 School Equestrian Team - winners of the 2006 inter-schools equestrian event (Otago).

104 Individual competitor (Columba College) at 2006 inter-schools event.

105 The Captain of the school equestrian team presented with the winning trophy.

106 2006 Columba College cross country event.



109 Duathlon - a new sport at the College. Two students with the Columba Teacher in charge of Duathlon and Triathlon.

110 A Columba student playing soccer.

111 A Junior Netball team.

112 Lunch in the school grounds.

113 Another shot of lunch-time in the school grounds.

114 School tennis court in the background.

115 French conversation club in the lunch-hour.

116 2006 school trip to Kyoto, Hiroshima and Tokyo.

117 Sister school of Columba College in Tokyo - Edogawa Girls High School.

118 2006 visiting group from Edogawa Girls High School at Columba College.

119 Columba College students on the 2006 school trip to Tokyo (at a private residence).

120 The Health Promoting Schools committee, comprising staff and students.

121 The two School Chaplains with students at the 2006 Shrove Tuesday pancake race.

122 2006 Year 9 ski camp at Coronet Peak, Queenstown.

123 One of the talented skiers at the College. The Columba College ski team was placed 3rd in the South Island at the 2006 Secondary Schools Ski Championships (girls event).

124 School walking group.

125 What a view!

126 The Head of Physical Education and Sport (left) with the Sports Co-ordinator.

127 Preparing the 2005 Christmas tree in the main Art room.

128 2006 Orientation Day outing for Year 9 students.

129 The End.

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