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Education System in Hungary Created by Dávid Gönczy 11/A.

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1 Education System in Hungary Created by Dávid Gönczy 11/A

2 Education System in Hungary Children in Hungary start school at the age of 6 and are supposed to attend school until the age of 16, two years earlier than coming of age, that is to say turning 18. Before starting school, children are required to attend kindergarten. Elementary school All pupils start at elementary school (1 st to 8 th form). When pupils finish elementary school, they can enrol into vocational schools, where they are taught practical skills needed to perform a particular job. These schools give a trade certificate but pupils are not prepared for the school-leaving exam that is required to enter higher education. If someone would like to learn a trade and enrol into higher education afterwards, the best choice for them is the secondary vocational school offering tuition in both practical and academic skills.

3 Education System in Hungary Secondary schools 1/ General secondary school Most pupils who plan to continue their studies in higher education pursue their secondary education in a general secondary school, which provides general education and concludes with the so-called Matura examination. In this type of school it is compulsory to take the final exam in five subjects: maths, history, Hungarian grammar and literature, one foreign language (which could be English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian) and an optional subject which is usually science, art or P:E. 2/ Secondary vocational school Secondary vocational schools currently provide general and pre-vocational education at upper secondary level in grades 9 to 12 and lead to a secondary school leaving examination, which qualifies for higher education entry. 3/ Vocational school They offer the opportunity to learn a profession. In the 9 th – 12 th grades of the secondary school, students are taught general subjects. This is a preparation phase for the secondary school leaving certificate and practical basic knowledge is taught in workgroups.

4 Education System in Hungary Higher Education At present, higher education in Hungary is based on the Bologna system, which is in force in most European countries, making studying abroad much easier. Students who complete their first 3 or 4 years of study earn a Bachelor’s degree and can continue their studies to earn a Master’s degree, which takes 1 or 2 years. The highest level is the doctoral degree, which means another 3-4 years of study.

5 Our school – Zrínyi Miklós Secondary School

6 Our school’s classes 1) General class : In this class, you learn the manatadory subjects with raised amount of English lessons and you must learn a second language which is German. 2) Public security/I.T class : In this class you can choose between raised amount of I.T. classes or you can take extra subjects about public security and you learn self-defense as well. 3) Tourism class : In this class you learn about tourism Geography and economic knowledge besides the normal subjects. 4) Language preperational class : In this class, children have 5 forms instead of 4. They have an extra 0. class where they learn English in 14 hours a week. They can choose a sencond language which can be German or Spanish. After they finish the this form, they will learn the all the other normal subjects as well. At the end of the 3rd form they must take an intermediate level language exam.

7 Our school – Zrínyi Miklós Secondary School Our school’s freetime activies

8 Our school – Zrínyi Miklós Secondary School Sports During the school year we make sport competitions in ping-pong, soccer, basketball, floorball, volleyball, futsal and handball. Our Student Sport Association enables our school’s students to take part in district, city and country wide competitions. We achieved high ranks in most of the categories which you will see now.

9 Our school – Zrínyi Miklós Secondary School Basketball’s boy team Golden medal

10 Our school – Zrínyi Miklós Secondary School Volleyball’s girl team Golden medal

11 Our school – Zrínyi Miklós Secondary School Futsal’s girl team Golden medal

12 Our school – Zrínyi Miklós Secondary School Chorus Our school’s very successful chorus perfom every year at our school and it is well known in other countries as well. They usually perform Steven the King (musical) They also perform at Christmas or on March 15th

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